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Imperial General -1984 Dune movie

Zum Garon was the Supreme Bashar of the Corrino Empire during the reigns of Emperors Elrood IX and Shaddam IV. He commanded the Sardaukar armies during the Great Spice War made by Shaddam IV, and distinguished himself during the Sardaukar attacks on Zanovar, Korona, Beakkal and Arrakis.

Supreme Bashar Garon was captured while being a young man during a Sardaukar expedition on a distant planet. He showed bravery and courage since the beginning, and because of that he was incorporated in the Sardaukar Legions. He was trained in the prison planet of House Corrino, Salusa Secundus, where all the Sardaukar armies were trained. Garon fought in the Ecazi Revolt against those ones who had rebelled against the authority of Emperor Elrood IX Corrino. In that conflict, the Sardaukar legions were helped by the armies of House Atreides and House Vernius.

During the Great Spice War, the Supreme Bashar commanded the Sardaukar armies. The first target of the Imperial troops was the pacific and quiet planet of Zanovar, ruled by House Taligari, who was accused of having an illegal spice stockpile, and for that reason the Sardaukar destroyed the most populated cities in the planet, killing in the attack 14 million people. The true intention of Shaddam IV was to eliminate the presence of his secret half-brother, Tyros Reffa, son of Elrood IX and Shando Balut, the lady Vernius. However, the reason failed as Reffa wasn't murdered, and later he would make an "assassination attempt" against Shaddam IV in the Hassik III Center for the Performing Arts.


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