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Yuta Brey was an Ixian Courier.

During the Suboid revolt she was sent with an express heighliner to Kaitain and seek help from Emperor Elrood Corrino IX. She was approached by Ambassador Cammar Pilru but the message was intended only for the Emperor.

She met the Emperor in his bedroom, and recited the memorized message. However Elrood (who was behind the revolt and the Tleilaxu takeover, only said that he would consider his reply. Amazed with his indifference, Brey insisted on the urgency and the seriousness of the situation, but she was scolded for her audacity by Chamberlain Aken Hesban.

As Hesban was transferring her back to her Guild escorts, she informed them that Elrood refused to act in accordance with Imperial regulations and joined with Ambassador Pilru in requesting an immediate audience with the members of the Landsraad Council.

Later she was summoned with Pilru to an audience with the emperor opposing Mofra Tooy. Tooy claimed that the Ixians were violating the Butlerian Jihad so the Tleilaxu had to stop them forcefully and compile the necessary evidence.

Brey insisted that they are stalling for time and asked to use his Sardaukar to enforce a cessation of hostilities, then let each side present its case and evidence in court, and once again she was removed from the audience.


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