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"It has been said of Yorek Thurr that if humans had gears and bolts, his would be stripped and loose."
―Description of Thurr from The Jihad Chronicles attributed to Erasmus[src]

Yorek Thurr (c. 214 BG - 88 BG) was a Salusan politician and a prominent and feared member of the inner League of Nobles. From an early stage, Thurr had secret alleigances to both the thinking machines and the Titans. He was the long-standing head of the Jipol during the Butlerian Jihad, and aspired to replace Iblis Ginjo, to whom he was a key advisor, as Grand Patriarch of the Holy Jihad. However, after Ginjo's murder by Xavier Harkonnen, Thurr was outmanoeuvred by his wife Camie Boro, who succeeded in giving her son Tambir the post.

Thurr subsequently faked his own death and fled to the Synchronized Worlds, where he was given life extension treatment and was made King of Wallach IX. In 108 BG, he created the Omnius Scourge, which devastated the League by killing billions. Thurr escaped to Corrin after the Great Purge and designed the vicious piranha mites which caused much further damage to the League nineteen years later, but later fled to Salusa Secundus and killed Grand Patriarch Xander Boro-Ginjo, hoping once again to be given the position in his stead. However, he was killed by Abulurd Harkonnen using his own pirahnas.


Early life (210s-200 BG)[]

The future Jipol commander Yorek Thurr was born around the year 215 BG or 214 BG, to unknown parents. His childhood occured on the planet of Salusa Secundus. Salusa was extremely politically important due to its status at the time as the capital of the great League of Nobles, the largest human confederacy that survived the Time of Titans.

Yorek was born during the last decades of the original war of attrition which happened between the League of Nobles and the Synchronized Empire maintained by the thinking machines. The blooshed of the Butlerian Jihad was sparked on Earth when Thurr was just a teenager. At the time the holy war was beginning Thurr was pursuing a career as an ambitious young detective, soon to be recognised by those in power.

Butlerian Jihad (200-108 BG)[]

Rise to power[]

"From the moment the Jihad Police had been established, Yorek Thurr had proved himself a valued informant by discovering real spies, unobtrusive but quietly powerful humans who had secret connections to the Synchronized Worlds. Since Iblis had originally raised the specter only as a straw man to frighten the League members, he had been astonished to discover the depth of the deceit Thurr uncovered. Dozens of prominent citizens were implicated and executed, swelling the paranoid frenzy of free humans. As the newly formed Jipol rose in prominence, so Yorek Thurr rose in its ranks, eventually taking command."
―Yorek's rise to power[src]

In the year 194 BG, the seventh year of the ongoing bloodshed of the Jihad, seeds of Yorek's rise to power were planted when he found himself recruited by the first Grand Patriarch of the Holy Jihad, Iblis Ginjo, and Saint Serena Butler, who was the Salusan High Priestess. These two were also two of the original founders of the Jihad, as they had escaped the rebellion on Earth along with Vorian Atreides, who during this time was beginning to rise in the ranks of the Army of the Jihad, although he had already distinguished himself in battle. Vorian would later meet Thurr in the Jihad Council after the death of the supposed traitor Xavier Harkonnen and grugdingly allow him to alter and distort the truth of things for the good of the Jihad. This meant that overall Yorek encountered all three of the first pioneers of the crusade against the machines.

Yorek's original assignment was the appointment of him as the head of an investigation team which was beginning to look into the matter of any human spies for the thinking machines which could be found among the human population, a distinct possibility of which the League of Nobles had grown hihgly suspcious following the bloody Honru Massacre a year earlier, in which many had perished due to what seemed very likely to be human treachery. After a year of leading this investigation team and finding very disturbing results, Yorek decided to submit his report to the astonished Grand Patriarch. The findings which were included in the report showed that all evidence suggested the prevalence of other machine spies among the League Worlds, deceitful humans planted among prominent League members who swore allegiance to Omnius. At this time, all of these were executed.

Seeing the political talent of this young Salusan, Ginjo eventually decided to recruit Thurr to the Jipol, the Jihad Police which the Grand Patriarch decided to establish following his viewing of Yorek's findings. Soon after joining the Police, Yorek began to rapidly rise in the ranks as the newly formed organisation itself rose in terms of prominence, and eventually took command of Jipol, which became highly loyal to politically savvy Thurr. Exactly like Ginjo, however, Thurr was, at the core of matters, just another of the many selfish political opportunists who were using the holy war against Omnius to maneuver theirselves into invariable positions of power and authority in the hierachy of the League.

At this point Thurr had already demonstrated a specialty in the art of discovering many minor traitors, who were trustees put as spies for the machines among the League, political enemies, and other scapegoats, increasing Thurr's importance to the war. Ironically, however, he also already began submitting many additional reports to the world of Corrin, which was notable as the capital of the enormously large Synchronized Empire of Omnius and the machines. The subtle source of the Jipol leader's reports was where the computer evermind attained much of his information on human spies, as well as other matters of importance.

Thurr's reign of terror did not truly begin until the landmark event of the first major purge of the Jipol, which occured in the year 191 BG. In the prelude to this first elimination, seven League representatives, who all happened to fall under the category of political rivals of or people who had spoken out against Grand Patriarch Ginjo, were implicated by Yorek's supposed findings as machine spies through his deceitful manipulations.

The Jipol leader proceeded to interrogate these representatives to death. In order to stay in a position of power, which was for Thurr only an end in itself rather than a means to one, he continued to orchestrate these purges after falsely accusing many of being Omnius' agents and framing them for this role. These feared events began to grow most widespread across the League in the year 186 BG, when the general population of the League became much more paranoid about finding machine spies in their midst, being fuelled by the speeches of Serena Butler from the isolationist City of Introspection. This led to Thurr attaning more and more prominence, but also becoming much more feared, in the inner and outer circles of the League.

Head of Jipol[]

Iblis Ginjo: "Sometimes you terrify me, Yorek."
Yorek Thurr: "But never will I disappoint you."
Iblis Ginjo and Yorek Thurr after his murder of Floriscia Xico[src]

In Thurr's many years as the head of Jipol, he developed sophisticated deception and observation techniques for the Police, meaning he could spy wherever he wished and could kill a man in a hundred different ways. During this time, Thurr had made a habit of never waking or sleeping at the same time of day. He altered his schedule, staying awake for days or getting by on only a few hours of sleep in bunkers. Iblis Ginjo had thought it was an amusing display of paranoia, but Thurr did not play games.

In 189 BG, Thurr led an investigation into a thwarted assassination attempt on the High Priestess, uncovering proof that the man was a brainwashed spy sent in by Omnius. In 177 BG, after looking into her backround and faking the discovery of supposed damning evidence of her collusion with the thinking machines, he arranged the assassination of Pincknon representitive Munoza Chen, who questioned the additional responsibilities transferred from the League Parliament to Ginjo's Jihad Council.

When Yorek and Floriscia Xico accompanied Ginjo to Poritrin in 175 BG, they encountered an asteroid which engulfed their ship. It was revealed that it was the Titan Hecate who returned to the stage, wishing to help the League of Nobles. After the introduction, Thurr killed Xico in cold blood, explaining to Ginjo that only the two of them would know about this 'secret weapon'. Soon after, Thurr notified Agamemnon about Hecate.

In 164 BG, Thurr was present at the meeting in the Jihad Council chambers which resulted in the Venport agreement, accompanying Grand Patriarch Ginjo. He objected to the prominent commercial corporation VenKee Enterprises and its successors being granted irrevocable patents on the technology specific to folding space, hating the idea of a VenKee monopoly on space travel, but was overridden by Ginjo and Serena Butler. In revenge for this, he arranged for Aurelius Venport and the hated Sorceress Zufa Cenva to take a small space yacht back to Kolhar and then divulged their travel plans when they left Salusa Secundus, so that Beowulf could ambush them in the Ginaz system, which resulted in disaster and their deaths.

Later that year, the Ivory Tower Cogitors proposed mutual truce between Omnius and the League after the war began to grow stagnant and popular support began to dwindle. Knowing they could not allow this, Thurr, Iblis and Serena concocted a suicidal confrontation that would see her die at the hands of the thinking machines after offering to go to Corrin to negotiate peace and thus create another martyr. Thurr and his shadowy Jipol operatives took care of the fine points of the plan as Iblis and Serena worked it out in detail and Serena's Seraphim arranged backup measures.

After Grand Patriarch Ginjo's death just weeks after the martyrdom of Serena, Thurr worked along with Camie Boro, with whom he ran the Jihad Council, to rewrite history and vilify Primero Xavier Harkonnen, who had killed Ginjo after learning the truth concerning the Tlulaxa organ farms, while making a martyr of the late Grand Patriarch. It was in this period that Thurr and Boro began the concept of the Three Martyrs, who were Serena's son Manion Butler the Innocent, Serena herself and the Grand Patriarch. Camie Boro succeeded her husband promising Thurr to be her successor, but after ten years she resigned and denied him the succession of Ginjo, placing her own son Tambir Boro-Ginjo in the position of the Grand Patriarch.

King of Wallach IX[]

Agamemnon: "You are a very greedy man, Yorek Thurr. You succeeded in everything you’ve attempted, first with Jipol, then guiding the League from behind the skirts of Camie Boro-Ginjo, and now as a king of your own world."
Yorek Thurr: "None of it is enough! After only a few decades, ruling this planet has become tedious and pointless. I hide within the boundaries of the Synchronized empire, and no one even knows what I have accomplished. Back on Salusa Secundus, I guided the policy of the Jihad for years, but no one believed it was me. They all thought the Grand Patriarch was intelligent. Hah! Then they gave credit to his widow and her milksop son. I want to make my own mark."
Agamemnon: "Then you had best help me, Thurr, because when the new Time of Titans comes to pass and my cymek empire comprises many planets, our history will remember you as an important touchstone."
— Yorek Thurr and Agamemnon discuss his legacy[src]

In 153 BG, feeling utterly betrayed by the humans he had served, Thurr decided to leave human space, and faked his own death in a ship explosion, while continuing to work against the human race. Although now he was in his late midage, Omnius had given him the promised life extension and a Synchronized World, Wallach IX, to rule. Thurr crowned himself king of the planet and built an imposing citadel to reside in. He turned against humanity and wanted to be remembered by making something "big", since the League of Nobles denied him any office or authority. He then proceed to conceive means for genocides.

Thurr essentially claimed that he had managed to mostly confine the Omnius incarnation of the world and blocked his watcheyes with his own programming, tampering with the kind of local Omnius to keep his devious activities almost entirely secret. Significantlly, the life-extension damaged his brain and he actually became even more of a blood-thirsty sadist than he used to be. Thurr's throne room columns became widely decorated with bones and his throne was, threateningly, made from a heap of skulls. He also had antique weapon displays.

He was the mind behind the idea of Omnius Scourge, which was developed by Erasmus and another human traitor, Rekur Van. Thurr had he opportunity to witness the launch of the first batch of the virus from Corrin and was also the one who proposed to Agamemnon (who expected a retaliation from Omnius) that he should expand his cymek empire on Hessra.

On Corrin (108-88 BG)[]

"If no one remembers the grand things I have accomplished, then did I do them at all, as far as history is concerned? The only solution seems to be that I must achieve something spectacular or cause an event that no version of history could ever ignore."
―from Thurr's secret Corrin journals[src]

During the Great Purge, when Wallach IX was to be obliterated, he noticed the Jihadi ships and realized what was about to happen. He hastily took the Omnius gelsphere (ThurrOm), abandoned the planet and chose to retreat to Corrin. He arrived to the Synchronized capital when the blockade started, and Thurr remained stranded there for the following years. During this time he resided in Erasmus' mansion talking with Rekur Van and looked for a way to escape; thinking ahead, he decided to install life-support to the update ship that arrived with Seurat, the independent robot who also escaped the destruction.

Thurr was later the mastermind behind the piranha mites which were sent in 88 BG against the League of Nobles, a basic technology that made use of no gelcircuitry and could pass the scrambler network above the planet. The mites hit Salusa, Rossak and other planets, and killed hundreds of people before Abulurd Harkonnen found a way to fool them. Thurr would later boast that he was responsible for the death of 100 billion people.

He wore a jewel-studded belt, a gold circlet upon his bald head, and a long ceremonial dagger at his hip with which he had slain many subjects of Wallach IX whenever they'd displeased him, not unlike human captives on Corrin.

Thurr finally got his plan of escape from Seurat, who, years ago, managed to escape as a hostage of the Titans on Richese. Thurr urged the Omnius gelsphere he brought from Wallach IX to calculate the best moment to breach the scrambler satellite network around the planet and set Omnius free, a skirmish during which Thurr could escape. Erasmus studied his reactions and along with Gilbertus Albans, waited in the ship. However, Thurr threatened Albans, by which Erasmus allowed him to leave.

On Salusa Secundus (88 BG)[]

"I never thought I would see Salusa Secundus again; the superb League assembly halls, the towering monuments of Zimia. Alas, they are not as magnificent as I remembered."
―from Thurr's secret Corrin journals[src]

Asasssination of Xander Boro-Ginjo[]

Thurr eventually explored the plague devastated world which, even after nineteen years, hadn't fully recovered. He got himself a new ship and a fake identity (as a refuge of Balut) and returned to Salusa Secundus. There he sneaked into Grand Patriarch Xander Boro-Ginjo's office and introduced himself, asking him to resign for his favor. Thurr then was ousted by the Patriarch's guards.

In a following night, Thurr once more sneaked into his mansion, this time in his bedroom while the Grand Patriarch was sleeping. He paralyzed his vocal cords and forced an audience. Once more he asked from him to resign so that Thurr could take his place, promised by his grandmother years ago. When the Patriarch tried to escape from his grasp, Thurr strangled him and wore his chain of office, a chain which he and Camie Boro had designed.

Abulurd Harkonnen was the first to notice the similarity of the mysterious murders as caught by the surveillance system, with the presumed dead leader of the Jipol since decades ago, as seen in the evidence left to him by Vorian. After some discussion with Vidad, he learned about the forgotten Life extension technology and how it would be possible for a man like him be still alive.

Abulurd recognized him as the one responsible for his grandfather's defamation and started a manhunt against him; however the Viceroy, his brother, as well as the security net around the murderer, were not cooperative nor effective to assist him.


"You have conceived your own fate, Yorek Thurr."
Abulurd Harkonnen shortly before Thurr's death[src]

Eventually, during the march of the Cult of Serena across Zimia, Thurr found his way into Abulurd's laboratory where the piranha mites were studied, to get claim of his own invention. Coincidentally, Abulurd was also there. When the two men confronted each other, Thurr hurled the mites onto Abulurd, who then activated a field distorter prototype and made himself invisible to their system. The mites eventually attacked Thurr and penetrated his Holtzman shield, slowly mutilating his body.

When three security men received the alarm and entered the laboratory, they saw his carcass and were told by Abulurd that this man was who they were looking for. When they asked for his name, Abulurd thought for a while before finally responding with "no one worth remembering".

Behind the scenes[]