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Word and Meaning[]

Yaghist is the name of Tleilaxu realm, in the secret Islamiyat language.

This word is used only twice by the Tleilaxu Master Tylwyth Waff, who just thinks about it, and revealing its meaning as "the land of the unruled".

Book References[]

Heretics of Dune[]

Masheikh! How good it was to name themselves in kehl, speaking the language of Islamiyat, which no Tleilaxu spoke outside his own secret councils; not even to Face Dancers did they speak it. Nowhere in the Wekht of Jandola, not to the farthest reaches of the Tleilaxu Yaghist, was there a living powindah who knew this secret.

Yaghist, Waff thought, rising from his bench. Yaghist, the land of the unruled.

Chapterhouse : Dune[]

"The Wekht of Jandola is no more," he said. "Billions of us slain by those whores. To the farthest reaches of the Yaghist, we are destroyed and only I remain."

Yaghist, she thought. Land of the unruled. It was a revealing word in Islamiyat, the Bene Tleilax language.