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Xander Boro-Ginjo [d. 88 BG] was the son of Rellon Boro-Ginjo, grandson of Camie Boro and Iblis Ginjo.


He succeeded his uncle, the Grand Patriarch Tambir Boro-Ginjo, who apparently died without heirs.

He was the father of Jessica Boro-Ginjo, the later wife of Viceroy Faykan Butler.

When Yorek Thurr escaped the blockade of Corrin, he returned to Salusa Secundus. There he sneaked into Grand Patriarch's office and introduced himself, asking him to resign for his favor. Thurr then was ousted by the Patriarch's guards.

In a following night, Thurr once more sneaked into his mansion, this time in his bedroom while the Grand Patriarch was sleeping. He paralyzed his vocal cords and forced an audience. Once more he asked from him to resign so that Thurr could take his place, promised by his grandmother years ago.

When Xander Boro-Ginjo tried to escape from his grasp, Thurr strangled him and wore his chain of office, a chain which he and Camie Boro had designed.


By orders of Faykan Butler, the title should be left vacant after his death, until the assassin would be found and caught. Thus however Faykan kept the title waiting for himself.

Appearance and character[]

Xander's face was jowly and soft from fine living, his eyes dulled either by drugs, drink, or plain lack of intelligence. He seemed to enjoy and admire the symbol of his office, the chain he wore around his neck.

Xander was not a renowned Patriarch. In fact, he and the interim Viceoy Brevin O'Kukovich were both depicted as soft know-nothing politicians. Not at all like their hard core predecessors, Iblis Ginjo and Serena Butler.


Preceded by
Tambir Boro-Ginjo
Grand Patriarch of the Holy Jihad
110 BG - 88 BG
Succeeded by
Faykan Butler