Wensicia Mutelli was born in 10018 AG to Elrood IX and his first wife Barbara Mutelli. As they did not marry until 10019 AG, Wensicia was not a royal heir and may not have taken on the Corrino name.

In 10020 AG, Barbara gave the 2-year old Wensicia a younger brother named Elliott. Unlike Wensicia, Elliott was born in wedlock and could be a legitimate royal heir. However, the following year in 10021 AG, Elrood killed Elliott himself. This drove Barb insane. Elrood kept impregnating her repeatedly and had the fertilized embryos excised from her body and put into cryogenic storage for potential emergencies.

When she was 8 years old, in 10026 AG her mother Barbara died. 10 years later, in 10036 AG, when Wensicia was 18, Elrood married a 12 year old Yvette Hagal.

Wensicia married in 10060 AG to an unknown man, and she lived a very long time, witnessing all of her father's marriages.

Her (6 years younger) step-mother Yvette ended up giving birth to 3 princesses who were legitimate heirs, Crystane, Tara, and finally Edwina in 10070 AG. Then Yvette died in 10075 AG.

Her father remarried 4 years later (when Wensicia was 61) in 10079 AG to a 29-year-old Alexandra Ecaz. Alexandra gave birth 13 years later to Fafnir in 10092 AG. 6 years later in 10098 AG, Alexandra disappeared.

2 years after his third wife's disappearance, when Wensicia was 82 years old in 10100 AG, Elrood took on his fourth wife, Habla. Wensicia was 101 years old when her brother Shaddam Corrino IV was born in 10119 AG. Unlike Elrood's other children after the murdered Elliott, who were only half-siblings by different mothers, Shaddam was her full brother because he was born of the fertilized embryo of Barbara, Wensicia's mother. Habla was barren and served as a surrogate mother to carry the embryo to birth. Shaddam never knew this.

Wensicia was 120 years old when her younger half-brother Fafnir was murdered by her 19 year old little brother Shaddam's accomplice Fenring.

Wensicia was 138 years old when her father Elrood died, also an assassination by Fenring at the behest of Shaddam. That same year, Shaddam ascended the Golden Lion Throne and became the next emperor, and wed the Bene Gesserit breeding mother Anirul.

The new Emperor and Empress went on to produce five daughters, one of which was named Wensicia Corrino after Wensicia Mutelli.

To the Imperium, which does not know of their maternal link, the elder Wensicia would be considered the half-aunt of the junior. In truth, she is genetically her full aunt.

The first Wensicia died in 10182 AG at 164 years old, outliving her father who, while legendary for his longevity, only made it to 157.

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