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Dr. Wellington Yueh (10082 AG - 10191 AG) was a Suk doctor and sleeper agent of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen who served House Atreides as the personal physician of Duke Leto Atreides.


Dr. Yueh graduated from the Suk Medical School in 10112 AG and married Bene Gesserit Sister Wanna Marcus. Despite the long-renowned Imperial Conditioning that supposedly prevented Suk graduates from taking a human life - or even considering such an act - the Baron's Twisted Mentat Piter de Vries managed a breakthrough believed impossible without killing the subject.

Sometime during the 10180s, Piter abducted Wanna and forced Yueh to witness her brutal torture in the Mentat's pain amplifiers. Exacerbated by Wanna's Bene Gesserit influence and sexual conditioning, Yueh's grief and hatred intensified to the point that he now harbored murderous intent toward her tormenters - along with anyone who stood in his way - a burning psychosis that overrode his pyretic inhibitors.

Informed of the doctor's newfound pliability, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen promised Yueh his wife's freedom in exchange for the Duke and his family, which Yueh saw as his one opportunity for revenge. Although he figured Wanna would be dead by the time his deed was done, he had to be certain she no longer suffered.

Coupled with the fact that no one would would ever suspect a Suk doctor of treachery, Harkonnen agents also distracted Duke Leto's Mentat, Thufir Hawat, by planting evidence toward another suspect: the Duke's concubine and Bene Gesserit witch, Lady Jessica. With Jessica herself eliminating suspects through her skills of observation and Truthsaying, Hawat saw no point in testing Yueh in this manner thanks to his conditioning by the High College. She also cited her and the doctor's shared hatred for House Harkonnen over their murder of his Bene Gesserit wife, but Hawat was finally convinced by Jessica's reveal of her Voice and the knowledge that she could have taken out the Duke and his House a long time ago.

Weeks after their arrival on Arrakis to take over spice production, House Atreides was ambushed overnight by numerous legions of Harkonnen soldiers and the Emperor's own Sardaukar army. Following his murder of multiple guards and lookouts at the Arrakeen governor's mansion, Dr. Yueh sabotaged its main shield generator and left the compound exposed. Disabling the Duke with a tranquilizer dart, Yueh lamented his betrayal and assured Leto of Paul and Jessica's safety before replacing his peg tooth with a hollow replica bearing a scanner-proof core. Informed of its deadly contents, Leto was brought before the Baron and his Mentat as their bound and helpless prisoner.

Thanks to Wanna's lessons on reading people, Yueh could tell by the Baron's demeanor that she was long dead and no longer viable as leverage. Comforted by that knowledge and the ticking timebomb in Duke Leto's mouth, Yueh resigned himself to Piter's blade before cryptically warning the Baron of his imminent demise.

Keeping his word to the Duke, Yueh had successfully orchestrated Paul and Jessica's escape into the deep desert after leaving them a Fremkit bearing Leto's ducal signet ring and a heartfelt letter explaining his betrayal and remorse.

Angered by their escape, the Baron prepared to have his Mentat torture the Duke for information on his family's whereabouts. Unwilling to put them in further jeopardy, Leto lamented his final moments as he crushed his false tooth and filled the room with an airborne toxin. Unfortunately, the Baron barely managed to escape while everyone else perished, including Piter de Vries. Despite his main target surviving, Yueh at least managed to slay the man who kidnapped, tortured and murdered his wife while guaranteeing the survival of his Duke's family.

Physical Appearance[]

Wellington Yueh had the physique of a stick figure in loose black clothing, topped by his square block of a head with black hair gathered in a Suk-issued silver ring at his left shoulder. He had an aged and butter-like complexion, angled cheeks, dark almond eyes and a drooping mustache that framed his purpled lips and narrow chin. Like all Suk graduates, his forehead was marked with the diamond tattoo of Imperial Conditioning.


  • "I'm sorry, my dear Duke, but there are things which will make greater demands than this. I find it very strange, myself - an override on my pyretic conscience - but I wish to kill a man. Yes, I actually wish it. I will stop at nothing to do it." - Yueh explaining his mental state and former inhibitions
  • "You...think...you...de...feated...me. You...think...I...did...not...know...what...I...bought...for...my...Wanna." - Yueh's dying words

Screen Adaptations[]

Dune's adaptions fall short in explaining how the Harkonnens broke Yueh's conditioning beyond simple blackmail, with only the 1984 film directly acknowledging its existence. However, the 2021 movie does touch upon Wanna's monstrous treatment by her captors as Yueh was forced to watch her "taken apart like a doll."


  • Dr. Yueh shares many similarities with Gorlim in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion:
    • Both are coerced into betraying their comrades in exchange for their captive wives, who are later revealed to be dead.
    • Both are killed by the main antagonist when they have outlived their usefulness.
    • Both are depicted more as tragic figures than outright villains.

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