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Weirding Way -Dune RPG illustration

The Weirding Way was a form of movement heavily influenced by Prana-bindu physical and psychological training. It was initially developed and used by the Bene Gesserit, but later became an important element of Fremen hand-to-hand combat during Muad'Dib's Jihad.


During close-quarters combat, an individual adept at the Weirding Way was able to maneuver around and strike an opponent at unimaginable speeds. To the opponent (and any bystanders) the movement seemed almost like close-quarter teleportation.

Underlying conceptsEdit

The teleportation-like effect was accomplished by altering one's perception of reality, and thus mastery of the Weirding Way required a dramatic shift in one's concepts of both space-time, and cause and effect.

The key axiom of the Weirding Way was, in the words of Farad'n Corrino, "my mind affects my reality." By imagining oneself suddenly at a nearby location an adept could bypass the laws of physics and make themselves arrive there almost instantaneously.


Possibly due to inherent limitations within the human psyche or physical body, the Weirding Way was usually only effective at short distances, usually up to a few meters.


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