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The Wars of Reunification (7562 BG-5022 BG) raged through the inhabited worlds. They were ferocious and long-lasting struggles and ended the Age of Ten Thousand Emperors.

They resulted when cyborg Ibrahim Vaughn Holtzman pursued by his father, passed on (using the Holtzman Waves) a distress wave message to the six nearest inhabited systems, about an instantaneous interstellar comm device, which allegedly his father, intended to keep for himself. The systems complied (except one) immediately. These revelations resulted in the widespread and rapid development of Holtzman Wave generators, bringing on the Wars.

It is not clear what was their purpose or objective, it is possible that each faction was tempted by the new opportunities presented by the new technology and sought for supremacy over other systems, leading therefore each six of them clashing against all.

On Holtzman's second return (5694 BG) the Wars were so ferocious that he chose to remain hidden and simply performed some repairs.

The Wars ended when Ladislaus the Great united humanity into a single Empire of Ten Thousand Worlds beginning the First Golden Age.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The entry HOLTZMAN EFFECT mentions that Holtzman passed on this information in 7556 BG. This is probably wrong since then the Wars could not have been started because of him, but earlier, from another reason.

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