Expanded Dune
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Wariff [d. 88 BG) was a Tlulaxa former flesh merchant. During the spice rush he was found in Arrakis City by El'hiim. He was offered guidance for a fee, but denied his help.

Some days later, Ishmael found him lost in the desert. Despite his hatred for the flesh merchants, he gave the all but dead man some of his water and guided him to the nearest settlement.

Wariff eventually returned to his flesh merchant customs. He joined a band of slavers from Zanbar on Arrakis. This band that attacked the Wormriders' village, the village of Ishmael.

Ishmael assembled a kanla party to sought revenge from them. During the attack, the elder Zensunni saw the Tlulaxa trying to hide and both men recognized each other Ishmael realized it was a mistake to let him live 20 years ago. He slit the Tlulaxa's throat open and took back the water he gave him, returning his blood to the desert.


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