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War of Assassins

The War of Assassins of 10187 AG was a large scale war fought between House Ecaz and House Moritani (and in the latter part of the war, House Atreides) which led to the complete downfall and collapse of Moritani, and the awarding of their fiefs, wealth, and privileges to Ecaz.


Events leading up to the war[]

Death of Wolfram Moritani[]

The two Houses at the heart of the war had long been in feuding, most recently in their first War of Assassins a decade previously. Tensions came to a head when Moritani passed an embargo on the Ecaz homeworld, as the heir to House Moritani, Wolfram Moritani, contracted an illness and disorder that caused him to physically waste away. The only cure for the ailment was esoit-poay, which was only found on Ecaz. When Wolfram died from the disorder, his grieving father Hundro vowed revenge on the enemy house.

Assassination of Ilesa Ecaz[]

House Moritani hatched a plan to assassinate the Archduke Armand Ecaz and his daughter Ilesa at the ceremony of her wedding to Duke Leto Atreides I of Caladan in 10187_AG/XD

Duke Prad Vidal of Elacca, a vassal of the Archduke and secret ally of House Moritani, cleverly disguised hexagonal blades on the sides of potted plants at the ceremony. As the Wedding March began to play, the sharply bladed discs began circling through the air, trying to strike their intended Ecazian targets, and Rivvy Dinari and Whitmore Bludd defended the Archduke and his daughter, respectively. Swordmaster Dinari sacrificed his life to save his master, however, that didn't protect Armand from losing an arm as one of the disks reached him.

Despite the efforts of Whitmore Bludd, one circling disc sliced Ilesa's carotid artery, and she bled to death. Moments after the tragedy, a holographic message of Viscount Hundro Moritani rang throughout the hall, claiming responsibility and thus starting the War.