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Wandra Harkonnen-Butler (174 BG - 87 BG) was the third child of Xavier Harkonnen and Octa Butler. Notably, she was the only child whose birth Xavier witnessed.

After the death of her father and the scandalous propaganda that defamed him as a traitor, her family denounced the Harkonnen name and changed their names to Butler.

Wandra was married Quentin Vigar, who, out of respect to her legendary name, adopted the name Butler himself. They had three sons together, Faykan, Rikov and Abulurd. Wandra suffered a severe stroke giving birth to Abulurd, which left her catatonic, and Abulurd never got to properly meet her. Hence, Wandra was moved to the City of Introspection, where she remained, and was visited by her husband each time he returned to Salusa Secundus. For this, Abulurd was less loved by his father Quentin, who blamed him for her state.

During the evacuation of Zimia, before the Great Purge, Wandra was to be transported with the other refugees, however Omnius' attack was prevented.

Discrepancies[edit | edit source]

In The Dune Encyclopedia, Abulurds mother is named as Lisia Pozzo di Borgo, a descendant of Kiril' Romanov.

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