The Great Zensunni Wandering

The Wandering Zensunni, also known as the Zensunni Wanderers, were the ancestors of the Fremen, who traveled from one world to another in search of freedom from persecution and enslavement by the Imperial raiders. They followed the Zensunni religion, which was based largely on the Sunni branch of Islam, with Zen-Buddhist influences.

Migration of the Wandering Zensunni Edit

According to some historical accounts such as those recorded in the Shah-Nama, the Zensunni ancestors of the Fremen arrived on Arrakis from many different planets.

Though much of the history of the Wandering Zensunni was lost to the Fremen, some information was kept alive through oral tradition. However, even prior to the emergence of the prescient Paul Atreides, many non-Fremen expressed doubts over the validity of the stories, thanks to linguistic and mythological traditions.

According to Fremen legend, the migration of the Zensunnis saw them move through the following planets:

  1. Nilotic al-Ourouba
  2. Poritrin
  3. Salusa Secundus
  4. Bela Tegeuse
  5. Rossak
  6. Harmonthep
  7. Arrakis

It is clear that their migration is more complicated than their tradition states. The actual route was probably diverse and non-sequential, and was often unique to an individual or group of individuals. The only certainty is that the Wandering Zensunni have originated on Earth (with Nilotic al-Ourouba more likely than not being the Nile Valley in Africa), like all other humans.


  • Dune (Mentioned only)
  • Heretics of Dune - Waff stirred beside her. “I heed Thy call, God,” he said. “It is Waff of the Entio who prays in Thy Holy Place.” Odrade swiveled her gaze toward him without moving her head. Entio? Her Other Memories knew an Entio, a tribal leader in the great Zensunni Wandering, long before Dune. What was this? What ancient memories did these Tleilaxu keep alive?
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