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Wallach I was a great-grandson of Estil I and brother of Alman IV. He reigned three times and was the one who designated Salusa Secundus as the training ground for the Sardaukar

Rule[edit | edit source]

He succeeded his brother but eventually he was blinded and he was replaced by Bashar Henli I al-Qair as Regent. Henli I was overthrown by usurper Saudir III and Wallach was put in a cell.

Second rule[edit | edit source]

During a revolt, Saudir was assassinated and blinded Wallach I was restored from his prison cell to his former position in the New Years Day of 390 AG. That year he decided to use the penal colony of Salusa Secundus as an experimental laboratory.

Knowing that the prisoners would not survive if exposed to the depredations of the native tribes, he provided them with training in the most ruthless fighting techniques and weapons while shielded by Sardaukar troops (who were later withdrawn). This technique begun the use of the planet as the training center of the Sardaukar.

For some reason he was succeeded of Sheuset II of House of Saluso Corrino. But it was not known if he was overthrown.

Third rule[edit | edit source]

After the usurpation of Saudir IV, Wallach once more, ascended to the throne briefly, presumably until his death.

He was succeeded by his son, Avelard I

Preceded by
Alman IV
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
362 AG - 369 AG
Succeeded by
Henli I al-Qair (Regent)
Preceded by
Saudir III
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
390 AG - 416 AG
Succeeded by
Sheuset II
Preceded by
Saudir IV
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
451 AG - 453 AG
Succeeded by
Avelard I
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