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Bene Gesserit using the Voice as depicted in the Dune CCG

Voice was an audio-neuro control mechanism that enabled the manipulation of speech to achieve complete control over a receiver. It was perfected by the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood through the combined training of several advanced techniques.

Application of Voice[]

Use of Voice allowed a Bene Gesserit adept to gain control over uninitiated victims merely by altering the tonal qualities of the voice. Simple instructions or orders were then spoken in Voice and obeyed dutifully.

Voice was most often used to compel a typically unwilling person to do something undesirable or to glean the truth from an unwilling recipient.

Resistance to Voice[]

With sufficient natural ability and training one could become more resistant to the effects of Voice, as was most famously seen with Paul Atreides, who taught this to Duncan Idaho, who eventually became immune to Voice. Other methods of resistance came through technology, such as the Cone of Silence.

Nonetheless, other skilled persons were known to have a particular resistance to the Voice. When threatened by Gurney Halleck, Jessica considered using the Voice, but remarked that it would be too difficult and futile given Halleck's experience and talents. She was more than likely referring to some innate ability to resist the Voice through years of conditioning.

Possibilities of use[]


Dune (2000) - Lady Jessica using the voice against Jamis

Lady Jessica using the "Voice".

The foremost use of the Voice was the subtle (but forced) manipulation of a person into doing as they were told. Whilst not its primary use, the Bene Gesserit would also use the Voice for interrogation of their prisoners.

Jessica Atreides had considered the possibility of using Voice on the Duke Leto Atreides to make certain decisions regarding the welfare of House Atreides upon their move from Caladan to Arrakis. She had surmised that she could use Voice in the most subtle ways imaginable, so that the Duke would think that he was making such choices of his own volition. However, The Lady Jessica knew that were she to do so, it would be a gross violation of his trust, even if it meant that they would save House Atreides in the process.

Some people had the ability to use Voice without formal training, such as Sheeana Brugh, who learned to master this natural talent as she grew to adulthood.

Known uses[]


User(s) Dates Notes
Gaius Helen Mohiam 10191 AG Used it to force Paul Atreides to come to her, and then to stop him from turning his head towards the gom jabbar.
Paul Atreides Used it to force Czigo to remove his mother's gag.
Used it to force Captain Aramsham to tell him his name and then to submit to him.
Reverend Mothers Late 14000s AG Used it in combination with the smoke of drugging herbs and their overpowering presence to lure Darwi Odrade into their groundcar.
Darwi Odrade 15229 AG Used it to force Hedley Tuek to tell her what was happening on the roof.
Used it to force Cania to leave her.
Used it to calm, and later intimidate, Sheeana Brugh.
Lucilla Used it to force Duncan Idaho to drop flat on the grass.
Used it to silence Miles Teg.
Miles Teg Used Voice-like command to force his soldiers to obey him.
Lucilla Used a touch of Voice in telling Sirafa to suppose nothing unless it came from her.


User(s) Dates Notes
Paul Atreides 10191 AG Attempted it to use it to force Czigo to remove his mother's gag but initially failed.
Lucilla 15220s AG Attempted to use it against Duncan Idaho but failed due to his immunity to Voice.
Unnamed Honored Matre 15229 AG Attempted to use it twice to force Tylwyth Waff to tell her how the Tleilaxu had altered the last ghola of Duncan Idaho, but failed due to Waff's training against the Voice.
Sheeana Brugh Attempted to use her crude Voice to get information from Darwi Odrade and then to make her teach her true Voice but failed.