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Imperial Suk Doctor as depicted in the Dune CCG

Dr Vando Terboli was a Suk Doctor in the employ of House Moritani during the childhood illness and disorder of heir Wolfram Moritani.

Although Terboli had tried every conceivable antidote and treatment for Wolfram's ailment, it was well-known on Grumman that only the flora product esoit-poay, could treat the ill child. Esoit-poay could not be obtained for Wolfram, as Moritani was in a deep and decades-long bitter struggle with House Ecaz, and Ecaz was the only know place where the substance grew. After years of the boy having the disorder, Terboli prescribed deep semuta trances and other drugs as a way of easing the child's pain, but his conditioned still worsened.

Finally, in 10187 AG, Wolfram died in his father's arms in Ritka on Grumman, as Terboli treated him with end-of-life care. Hundro became so enraged that son and only was dead that he pulled a kindjal knife from his jerkin, and plunged the knife into Terboli's chest, and killed him instantly.

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