Early LifeEdit

I was born, and currently reside, in Clarksville, Tennessee. I am a fan of several computer games, and that is how I was led to the Dune Series. After playing several MMORPG's, including World of Warcraft, I learned that many of these games have aspects of their lore which stem from Dune. After finding this out, I decided to begin reading the Dune books.

Current StatusEdit

I have finished all of the original Frank Herbert books, and I am reading the BH&KJA books. I personally enjoy these books every bit as much as I did the Frank Herbert books. I have completed the Prelude to Dune books and I am currently reading the Legends of Dune trilogy. After I complete that trilogy, I plan on reading the sequels.

I recently graduated from Austin Peay State University with a BA in Foreign Languages, Classics Specialization(Greek and Latin). I am currently teaching Latin at West Creek High School in Clarksville, TN.


I have contributed to the following pages. Also available by clicking [here].

  • Liet-Kynes - It was a red link page. I made it a redirect page to the existing Liet Kynes page, possibly in future this should just be removed, and the other links corrected.
  • Imperial Opal Palace - I made a few grammatical and spelling corrections. Also, please check my notes on the Discussion page.
  • Whitmore Bludd - I added additional information, and the Appearances section. I plan on creating pages for the other Swordmaster trainers, who currently have red link pages.
  • Rivvy Dinari - Previously a red-link, I created the initial page.


I have made notes on a few discussion pages, and I am listing them here in order to keep a list in one location. Feel free to give me your opinions in either those locations or on my own Discussion Page


I don't appear in any of the books, but I am adding the Appearances sections to different pages, please double check my accuracy.

So far I have done:


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Book ListEdit

Frank HerbertEdit


Legends of Dune

Prelude to Dune

Dune Sequels

-Yes, I realize there are others.

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