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Real Name: Michael Charles Adamantidis

Place of Residence: Sydney, Australia

Year read first Dune book: 1993

Year watched first Dune movie: 1984

Other Wiki's of interest: MemoryAlpha, Wikipedia, Psychology Wiki

Favourite Dune book: Dune, then Heretics of Dune

New Dune books canon or non-canon? Non-canon. Too childish. Too much artistic licence taken with the characters and concepts. Lack of continuity. Artificial associations with established characters that show a lack of imagination and/or an attempt to dumb-down plots and character backgrounds. Frank Herbert specifically left many things unexplained, to encourage people to use their imagination. In order to satisfy curiosity, BH and KJA have filled in many blanks, but have (largely) done a poor job of it. For example:

  • Gaius Helen Mohiam just so happens to be Jessica's mother? Unlikely. Especially when it is mentioned in the original Dune novel that even though Baron Vladimir Harkonnen was homosexual, he had apparently "experimented" when he was young.
  • Richese and Ecaz were not Great Houses, they were planets.
  • Ix was ruled by a Confederacy, not a Great House.
  • Paul Atreides was born on Caladan, not Kaitain.

Occupation: Psychologist, part-time Naval Officer

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