Dune was one of my favorite novels as a child. I loved the 1984 film when I was too young to realize it actually wasn't very good, and I still love the Sci-Fi miniseries Frank Herbert's Dune and Frank Herbert's Children of Dune.

Hello! I'm Kylara, and I'm a member of the Wiki Representatives team with the Movies/TV vertical. I've been editing wikis since 2009, and I know quite a bit about wikitext, templates, infoboxes, html, and CSS, and I'm pretty decent at graphic design. Let me know if there's an area that could use my attention!

Feel free to reach out to me with any wiki-related questions on my message wall / talk page, or on Discord. I'm here to help the community and I can be a liaison with full-time Fandom Staff.

A few of my main wikis: Terminator WikiDeath Note WikiRoswell WikiNancy Drew Wiki

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