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Hi! I'm JubalHarshaw. I'm a fan of Wikis in general, and Dune in particular!

I am an administrator here at the Dune Wiki, please contact me if I can assist you in any way.

At a glanceEdit

  • Real Name: Jeremy M. Harris
  • Place of Residence: Fenton, Michigan, USA
  • Year read first Dune book: 1992
  • Year watched first Dune movie: 1984
  • Other Wikis of interest: Battlestar Wiki, Wikipedia
  • Favorite Dune book: Dune, followed by God Emperor of Dune
  • New Dune books canon or non-canon? Non-canon. Light reading compared to the original Dune series. Much leeway taken with established events and characters. They're decent if taken for what they are, they're just not up to the standard of the originals.
  • Occupation: Computer Systems Programming/Support/Administration

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