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Urania was a chief priestess of Komos and a member of the Front for the End of Koman Exploitation. She went to Richese and interrogated Doctor G. Demlen.

As his prideful description of his work serving the thinking machines, Urania's feelings overcame her training. Urania explained to the Doctor that his work violated principles of respect for human life and the worship of Kubebe. At that mention, Demlen told Urania that machines were more worthy and admirable than "a supposed goddess invented by a clutch of bucolic bumpkins on a pigsty of a planet".

Demlen looked at the icon of the Goddess as if to spit on it, when Urania killed him with her ceremonial knife. That night the priestesses met in council and the Jihad begun to spread.

Jehanne Butler, the woman behind the Front, was reluctant about the whole Jihad concept, and was the pole of mercy and restraint, while Urania's goal was the extirpation of any machine domination on humans. After Jehanne's death, on Carthagos, favor turned on Urania's side.

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