The Unallied Worlds were planets not belonging to the League of Nobles but not under the control of Omnius.

History and politicsEdit

They were mainly inhabited by Buddislamics who fled there during the Time of Titans. Caladan was an exception, where shrines of Manion the Innocent could be seen during the Butlerian Jihad, as well as Tlulax, inhabited by a secretive civilization.

Unallied Planets were not of much interested by the two opposing forces, however they were the slavers' hunting grounds. In some exceptions, the League decided to approach some worlds, like Caladan and Tlulax, for mutual benefit.

Omnius was disinterested to the Unallied Worlds however in 184 BG the Evermind changed policies since they would be easier targets; 3 planets were captured by Machine forces to be used as bases of operations for their expansion and Tyndall and Bellos some years later. Vorian Atreides who understood how Machines moved, proposed that the Army of the Jihad should defend the Unallied Planets as well as League Worlds. IV Anbus was successfully defended by League forces.


The Unallied planets were:

* indicated planets who were synchronized by Omnius

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