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Tylwyth Waff was a Tleilaxu Master or Mahai, and a Masheikh. Most significantly, he is the tacit leader of the Ruling Council during the return of the Honored Matres. As such he had significant control over the direction of the Bene Tleilax.

Tylwyth Waff, Masheik of the Bene Tleilax.

Background Edit

As with most Masheikhs, Waff had lived for thousands of years, thanks to successive ghola replacements. Waff had spent an unknown number of years guiding the Tleilaxu's secretive religious agenda for power.

"Tylwyth" is a word from the Welsh Language which typically means "family", "tribe" or "ancestry", hence "Tylwyth Waff" provides a subliminal clue early on that Waff was indeed based on earlier ghola incarnations. In Welsh mythology "Tylwyth" is typically associated with "Tylwyth Teg" (tr. "the Fair Folk") a term used to describe faeries, gnomes and such like. Again probably hinting at Waff's Tleilaxu origins.

Actions as Leader Edit

After the return of the Honored Matres, Waff saw his own power and the wider Tleilaxu civilization threatened with destruction. He subsequently allied himself with the Bene Gesserit, thinking they were true believers of the Zensunni faith. However, his efforts were ultimately fruitless, and the Tleilaxu, including Waff, were almost entirely destroyed by the Honored Matres after the destruction of Rakis.

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