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Tuk Keedair was the business partner of Aurelius Venport, co-founder of VenKee Enterprises, and former Tlulaxa slaver. According to the Tlulaxa tradition, he wore a long, black braid for most of his life

History[edit | edit source]

Tuk Keedair was present in the aftermath of the Battle of Zimia, supplying the injured with replacements. Soon after, he visited Harmonthep and assaulted a Zensunni village, capturing slaves whom he sold to Poritrin (among them, little Ishmael)

On a trip to Arrakis, he accidentally discovers melange, where he then introduces it to his colleague Aurelius Venport. Their joint business venture VenKee Enterprises then introduced it to various groups within the League of Nobles and they become very successful.

Keedair played a role in Norma Cenva's plans about the space-folder and stayed on Poritrin, in the installation where the prototype vessel would be constructed. While Venport was off to Arrakis to settle the problem with the Wormriders, Tio Holtzman, the former mentor of Cenva, persuaded Lord Niko Bludd to close the project and expel Cenva and Keedair from the planet. Meanwhile Aliid, one of the Zenshiite slaves working there, planned a second slave revolt on the planet, while Ishmael (who by chance worked under the very man who captured him), sought for ways of escape from the impending massacre.

After the project was forcefully closed and Cenva was removed from the planet, Keedair with some of the slaves stayed behind to salvage anything they could. Then, the slave revolt emerged. Keedair then was forced to use the prototype space-folder by the slaves. The ship crashed on the desert planet Arrakis.

Keedair in his desperation, cut his braid off. He was then forced to accompany two slaves, Rafel and Ingu, on a scouting vehicle. Rafel forced Tuk to leave and get lost in the desert, considering it would be a proper fate of the slaver, but they were soon devoured by Sandworms.

Keedair however was found by Selim Wormrider's tribe and told them about the slaves. In turn, Ishmael (who was now the leader of the slave team) let him live. In the following years, Keedair remained their prisoner, and although he had the choice, he did not leave for another planet. Although Ishmael would never consider him a friend, they had some time talking together over spice coffee. Keedair was the eldest man of the tribe when he died some years later.

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