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Tonia Obregah-Xo was the Bene Gesserit nanny to Marie Fenring; daughter of Lady Margot Fenring, and her adopted father, Count Hasimir Fenring.

As the Fenring's saw the great turmoil wrought to the Bene Gesserit, after the failure of their breeding program in its' relation to Emperor Paul Atreides, Lady Margot decided to be free of their tutelage and strictures, and chose to raise Marie without their guidance. She did, however, accept a nanny from them; the sister, Tonia Obregah-Xo.

Both Hasimir and Margot were aware that Tonia probably spied on them for the Sisterhood, although they were sure that Tonia never guessed that the Fenrings had plans to assassinate Muad'Dib, with Marie. While on Tleilax, Tonia helped Margot and Hasimir raise Marie, and they completely trusted little Marie with her safety, should the Tleilaxu try to bring harm to her.

When the Fenrings decided to send little Marie to spend time in the Emperor's Court in 10,198 AG, Obregah-Xo was sent back to the Sisterhood on Wallach IX.

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