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This is a timeline of universal history. The date system used in this timeline is the Universal Standard Calendar.


11200 BG
c. 11000 BG

c. 5000 BG

c. 2100 BG
c. 1580 BG
c. 1480 BG
1381 BG
c. 1380-1300 BG
  • The Zensunni Wanderers roam from one world to another in search of freedom from persecution and enslavement by the Imperial raiders before ultimately landing on Arrakis, here they evolve into the Fremen people of the deep desert over thousands of years.
c. 1000 BG

8th century BG

  • The life of Tibana, an apologist for Socratic Christianity from IV Anbus, who wrote that ‘the hearts of all men dwell in the same wilderness’.[7]
201 BG

108 BG

  • The Butlerian Jihad ends[8] after wiping out most of the machine-based technology and also the majority of historical documents. The god of machine-logic is overthrown by the masses and a new concept is raised: "Man may not be replaced."[9] Culture based on the production of highly developed machines survives only on Ix and Richese.[10]

c. 98 BG

  88 BG

c. 80 BG

c. 50 BG

  • Foundation of the Spacing Guild, who, utilising the new foldspace ships, which begin to be guided by melange-saturated Navigators, monopolise space commerce, transport and interplanetary banking, establishing more uniform and orderly interstellar travel and finance, as well as the imposing of the restrictions of the Guild Peace. Beginning of the Guild calendar.[19]

1st century AG

  • Life of the religious writer Neshou.[20]
  • CHOAM (Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles) is founded.

c. 100 AG

  • The Great Convention is signed. According to the Convention, the combined power of the Great Houses may destroy anyone who uses atomic power against human beings.[21][22]

3rd century AG

c. 2000 AG

  • The Imperial court is removed to Kaitain, the new capital, and Salusa Secundus is designated the Imperial Prison Planet.[24]

2200s AG

c. 5000 AG

  • A Bene Gesserit Sister on Rossak discovers a plant that enables thought-merging. From this date, Sisters working at the Fremen (Sayyadinas) will preserve Zensunni history by thought-merging and memory transfer instead of oral history.[26]
10082 AG
10092 AG

10110 AG

10111 AG

  • House Harkonnen gains stewardship of Arrakis, holding the planet in quasi-fief under a CHOAM company contract to mine melange.[29]
10112 AG

10119 AG

  • Shaddam Corrino IV is born.[30]

10132 AG

10133 AG

10134 AG

10140 AG

10154 AG

10156 AG

  • Elrood Corrino IX succumbs to chaurmarky rumoured to be administered by Hasimir Fenring. His son, Shaddam Corrino IV, becomes the 81st Padishah Emperor.[38] Birth of Liet-Kynes around this time, son of the Imperial Planetologist Pardot Kynes, who hopes to transform Arrakis into a paradise world.[39]

10160s AG

  • The Harkonnens begin stockpiling melange.[40]

10163 AG

  • Appropriations for Sardaukar training begin going down for 30 years.[41]

10168 AG

  • Jessica graduates from the Bene Gesserit Mother School on Wallach IX under Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam[42][43], tested by her with a gom jabbar and proven as "human".[44]

10174 AG

10175 AG

  • Jessica Atreides becomes the bound concubine of Duke Leto Atreides I.[46] Death of Pardot Kynes around this time. His son Liet becomes Imperial Planetologist.[47] Birth of Chani Kynes, daughter of Liet Kynes and the Fremen woman Faroula.
10176 AG
  • Anirul, the wife of Shaddam IV and a Bene Gesserit of Hidden Rank, dies[48] after giving birth to Princess Irulan Corrino.[49]
  • Paul Atreides, the Kwisatz Haderach achieved one generation early, is born to Duke Leto Atreides and the Lady Jessica[50], who disobeys the Sisterhood's command to produce a daughter which will be mother to the Kwisatz Haderach.

10181 AG

10183 AG

10185 AG

  • Lady Jessica Atreides meets Dr. Yueh.[52]
10186 AG

10187 AG

  • Duke Leto Atreides I masters train a small, Sardaukar-level force. This makes the Emperor feel threatened.[53]

10189 AG

  • Birth of Lichna, daughter of Otheym and Dhuri.[54]
10191 AG[27][34][55]
  • January - March
  • April
  • May - October

10192 AG

  • Rabban kills another 6,000 Fremen.[57] Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen has a child with Lady Margot Fenring, wife of Count Hasimir Fenring.
10193 AG[28][31]
  • December

10196 AG[38]

10198 AG

  • The Atreides Empire begins negotiations concerning Tupile, the Sanctuary Planet, with the Spacing Guild.[60]

10201 AG[61]

10202 AG

  • The supposed death of Shaddam Corrino IV given in the Almanak en-Ashraf.[33]
  • Sabiha is born.[63]

10205 AG

10208 AG[65]

10209 AG

10210 AG

  • Otheym and Dhuri give the dwarf Bijaz (actually a Tleilaxu Master) to Paul, then are killed by a stone burner which blinds Paul, although he still manages to see through prescience.
  • Chani gives birth to Leto Atreides II and Ghanima Atreides, then dies. 
  • Scytale is killed by Paul.
  • Hayt remembers his existence as Duncan.
  • Duncan kills Teilaxu Master Bijaz on Paul's orders.
  • Paul goes into the deep desert. Alia Atreides assumes regency of the throne for the twins.
  • Stilgar executes Edric, Gaius Helen Mohiam, and Korba on the orders of Alia, against Paul's wishes.[68]

c. 10212 AG

  • Bronso of Ix writes Analysis of History: Muad'Dib, then is brought into a death cell and killed by Qizara.[69]

10215 AG

  • Gurney Halleck sends Leto II a small baliset for his fifth birthday.[70]
10219 AG[71]
  • Alia Atreides is possessed by the dead Baron Vladmir Harkonnen.
  • Jessica and Gurney Halleck return to Arrakis.
  • Leto and Ghanima realize that the terraforming of Arrakis will kill all the sandworms, thus destroying the source of the spice.
  • Paul Atreides, as The Preacher, begins railing against the religious government's injustices and the changes among the Fremen. He journeys to Salusa Secundus to meet Wensicia Corrino's son Farad'n, and in return pledges Duncan Idaho as an agent of House Corrino.
  • Alia attempts to assassinate Jessica, who escapes into the desert with Duncan's help, precipitating a rebellion among the Fremen.
  • Leto seeks out The Preacher. Everyone else thinks he is dead. He finds him and discovers he is Paul, killing his guide Assan Tariq.
  • Duncan and Jessica flee to Salusa Secundus, where Jessica begins to mentor Farad'n, who seizes power from his mother and allies with the Bene Gesserit. Jessica orders Gurney Halleck to infiltrate a group of Fremen outlaws who capture Leto. On Gurney's suggestion, they force him to undergo the spice trance. Leto escapes and sacrifices his humanity in pursuit of the Golden Path by physically fusing with a school of sandtrout. He travels across the desert and confronts his father.
  • Stilgar kills the ghola Duncan Idaho, after he kills Javid and provokes Stilgar.
  • Stilgar kills Buer Argaves.
  • Paul and Leto return to the capital to confront Alia. Upon arriving, Paul is murdered. Alia manages to commit suicide by throwing herself off a high balcony.
  • Leto ascends the imperial throne as Leto II, and sets humanity on the Golden Path, his vision of the future. He takes the Bene Gesserit breeding program into his own hands by interbreeding the genes of Farad’n Corrino and Ghanima Atreides. His control over the spice forces peace and calmness on humanity.
  • Leto orders a new Duncan Idaho ghola from the Tleilaxu to serve him as Swordmaster. He will continue to purchase new Duncans to serve him over the next 3,500 years.
  • Farad'n gives Leto the Sardaukar.

10221 AG

  • The Landsraad convenes a session.[72]

10225 AG

  • Hasmir Fenring dies.[32]

10256 AG

  • Lady Jessica Atreides dies.[35]

10319 AG

  • By this time, there are fewer than fifty sandworms, and these are sick ones kept in a carefully managed reservation.[73]

10400 AG

  • As a result of terraformation, the sandtrout and sandworms become extinct on Arrakis.[74]

c. 10450 AG - 10650 AG

  • The terraformation of Arrakis completes.[75]

c. 10500 AG

  • Spreading their machine-based civilization, the Ixians develop an economic technological federation with a center named Ixian Core.[76]
  • The God Emperor assembles his all-female army of Fish Speakers.

c. 11000 AG

  • Through gradual growth, Leto II’s empire becomes multigalactic.[77]

11228 AG

  • The sandblaster wind is last seen on Arrakis.[78]

11230 AG

11700 AG

  • The Bene Gesserit investigators begin observing the homogenization of family life.[80]

12335 AG

  • Leto executes the Nine Historians.[81]

12700 AG

  • Leto II takes his penultimate bride, the last for more than a thousand years.[82]

c. 13000 AG

  • With Leto II’s silent approval, the Ixians no longer follow the orders of the Butlerian Jihad: they produce computers again, in secret.[83]

13610 AG

13650 AG

13670 AG

  • A new Duncan Idaho ghola begins his service to Leto.[87]

13672 AG

13702 AG

13712 AG

  • Birth of Duncan and Fish Speaker Irti's first son.

13720 AG

  • Birth of Duncan and Irti's second son.
13728 AG[90]
  • Death of Radi, Aline, Ulot, Setuse, Inineg, Onemao, Hutye, Memar and Oala, conspirators against Leto II.
  • The latest Duncan Idaho ghola attempts on Leto’s life, assisted by the Ixian Ambassador Iyo Kobat, but is killed.
  • Iyo Kobat is sent back to Ix after the attempt replaced by Hwi Noree as Ambassador.
  • A new Duncan is given to Leto, whose first assignment as Leto’s Swordsmaster, as a test, is to kill a rebellious man of House Corrino who attempts to bribe majordomo Moneo Atreides. Duncan assigns the task to a Fish Speaker.
  • Bene Gesserit Sister Quintinius Violet Chenoeh dies in the 53rd year of her sisterhood, the cause being ascribed to melange incompatibility during her attempt to achieve the status of Reverend Mother.
  • Reverend Mothers Tertius Eileen Anteac and Marcus Claire Luyseyal visit Arrakis.
  • Siona Ibn Fuad al-Seyefa Atreides and the new Duncan Idaho ghola kill Leto II, and gain stewardship of Arrakis.
  • The sandtrout swarming free from Leto’s skin start storing water; they will eventually re-desertify Arrakis.
  • Part of Leto’s empire is inherited by his army, the Fish Speakers.

13728-14028 AG

  • The sandworms, now with animal awareness and a new cunning, reappear on Arrakis.[91]

13750 AG

  • The Ixians invent the first generation of Navigation Machines, breaking the Spacing Guild’s monopoly over spaceflight.

13800 AG

  • The Bene Gesserit moves its center to Chapterhouse.

14000 AG

  • Waves of violence strike the Imperium during the Famine Times. Driven by social unrest, the Scattering begins: travelling with no-ships, a part of humanity spreads to enormous spaces in the universe.
  • Throughout the former empire of Leto II (the Old Empire), planetary governments exist in a loose economic federation held together partly by CHOAM, partly by the Bene Gesserit. Some areas are ruled by the Fish Speaker Council.

14500 AG

  • Waves of people move on again and again to still farther, unknown places from the Scattering using no-ships.
  • The Bene Tleilax finally invents the way of producing the spice melange artificially. As a result of the wealth of spice Navigation Machines are used less frequently.

14933 AG

14936 AG

14946 AG

  • Miles Teg is sent to advanced schooling at the Bene Gesserit stronghold on Lampadas, where his mother's assessment of his him is confirmed.[94]

15000 AG

15002 AG

  • Cerbol Revolt. Bashar Miles Teg's enemies bow to him.

c. 15100 AG

15125 AG

c.15200 AG
  • Reverend Mother Dortuja is sent to Buzzell for a love affair.

15212 AG

  • The Honored Matres take over control of an increasing number of planets. In the meantime the loose economic federation kept together by CHOAM slowly falls apart.

15216 AG

  • The twelfth Duncan Idaho ghola, with serial memories of all of his previous incarnations, is created for the Bene Gesserit.

15218 AG

15225 AG

  • Having waited for millennia, the Bene Tleilax sets out to conquer humanity and convert it to the Great Belief of the Tleilaxu.

15228 AG

  • Birth of Yorgi, son of Roitiro, on Chapterhouse.[97]

15229 AG[98]

  • The Bene Gesserit Keep on Gammu (formerly Giedi Prime) is attacked by the Honored Matres. Reverend Mother Lucilla, as well as Miles Teg and the Duncan Idaho ghola, manage to escape to an ancient Harkonnen no-globe.
  • The Duncan Idaho ghola regains it's memories in the no-globe.
  • Patirin kills himself.
  • The Bene Gesserit forces the Honored Matres to destroy all Rakian life.
  • The sandworms of Rakis become extinct and thus humanity is set free of Leto II’s scattered conscience, which kept its future bound.
  • Miles Teg dies.
  • Murbella of the Honored Matres joins the Bene Gesserit. The Sisterhood lead by Mother Superior Darwi Odrade rescue a sandworm from Rakis and takes it to Chapterhouse.
  • The Honored Matres destroy all the planets of the Bene Tleilax.
  • The Bene Gesserit saves and hides the last remaining Tleilaxu Master, Scytale.
  • Scytale, Duncan and Murbella are placed within a no-ship prison on Chapterhouse, where the Bene Gesserit hide.

15230 AG

  • Birth of Murbella’s and Duncan Idaho’s twin daughters.
  • Birth of Miles Teg’s ghola.
  • The Bene Gesserit launches a new Scattering, sending out Sisters and sandtrout to the universe.
  • The Honored Matres conquer Junction and begin destroying the planets of the Bene Gesserit.
  • Ecaz is conquered by the Honored Matres.
  • Sheena Brugh becomes the youngest ever Reverend Mother.

15231 AG

  • Duncan Idaho makes the system of his prison no-ship hide data for him, doing this with his own keys.
  • The sandtrout originating from the rescued sandworm begin the desertification of Chapterhouse.[99]

15240 AG[100]

20219 AG

  • Peroration of Gaus Andaud on the 10,000th anniversary of Leto II's ascenscion to the throne.[101]


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