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This is a timeline of universal history. The date system used in this timeline is the Universal Standard Calendar.

There are several differences between the original timeline set by Frank Herbert's Dune and the timelines set by the Dune Encyclopedia and the prequels respectively (both of which actually conflicted with some of Frank's dates).



11300s BG (19th century AD)

11200 BG (1960 AD)

  • The beginning of space travel.[2]

c. 11000 BG

  • Following the Second Interspace Migrations, the Jews hide their identity from the non-Jews.[3]

c. 5000 BG

c. 2500 BG
  • The Old Empire is formed from the populated planets at the end of the last Terran migrations.
2200 BG[6]
  • Arn Eklo, Kwyna, Vidad and others become long-lived cyborg Cogitors. Some follow Vidad to Hessra to contemplate the universe in isolation. Others become hermit philosophers on inhabited worlds.
c. 1580 BG
c. 1500 BG
  • All of the Muadru vanish at independent sites all over the galaxy.[4]
  • The Tlulaxa merchants of the League are spawned by Zensunni ecumenism.
c. 1480 BG
c. 1450 BG
c. 1400 BG
  • During the rule of Emperor Shakkad the Wise, the Imperial Chemist Yanshuph Ashkoko discovers the geriatric spice melange on Arrakis.[7] Later, Shakkad himself takes credit for this.

1381 BG
The Buddislamics break away from the teachings of Maometh and the Third Movement.[8]
c. 1350 BG
Schism in the Buddislamic religion

c. 1330 BG
  • Zensunnis and Zenshiites leave the non-Buddislamics and migrate outside the borders of the Old Empire. The Zensunni Wanderers roavel from one world to another in search of freedom from persecution and enslavement by the Imperial raiders.
c. 1300 BG

Time of Titans (1287-1182 BG)[]

1287 BG[10]
Tlaloc fails to bring the Old Empire out of her slumber. 20 people (The Twenty Titans) set out to conquer the Empire with him. The programming expert Barbarossa reprograms computers giving them human aggression and hunger for power. With his aid the Old Empire falls[11] in the Revolt of the Titans across the Old Empire which begins the Time of Titans. Xerxes kills his father. Some systems on the edge of the Empire resist and found the League of Nobles centered on Salusa Secundus[12] and led by a series of Viceroys, beginning with Bovko Manresa. Cogitor Kwyna retreats to Salusa's City of Introspection.[13] Scientists abandon Arrakis.
1280 BG
Tlaloc dies. Agamemnon and other Titans have themselves transformed to cymeks.[12]
c. 1235 BG
  • Rodale IX is renamed Ix.
1192 BG
The First Hrethgir Rebellion begins on Walgis. Xerxes trusts keeping the order on his planets completely to the local computer network.[14]
1183 BG
Ajax, lord of Walgis, crushes the Hrethgir Rebellions and exterminates the populace. Outraged by the massacre, his mate Hecate transfers her brain into a deepspace vessel and disappears.[14]

Rule of Omnius (1182-201 BG)[]

1182 BG[10]
Xerxes' AI network seizes control over Ix. Naming itself Omnius, it establishes the Synchronized Worlds, which usurp the Titan-controlled worlds. The Titans are made his servants.[12] Omnius launches his first attacks against the League, beginning a war of attrition which will continue for centuries. The Buddislamics, who believe the rise of thinking machines to power is Kralizec, the Typhoon Struggle at the end of the universe of prophecies, flee, mainly to the Unallied Planets. Later, Buddislamic slaves are introduced on some League planets.[15]
c. 1082 BG
Barbarossa creates Beowulf.
8th century BG

  • Tibana, an leading Socratic Christinan of IV Anbus, writes: ‘The hearts of all men dwell in the same wilderness’.[16]
603 BG

  • Omnius launches an unsuccessful attack against Chusuk.[17]

443 BG
  • Human slaves and contractor robots complete Omnius' coliseum.[18]
400 BG

383 BG
  • The Zensunni Wanderers land on Arrakis.[19]
377 BG

  • Discovery of a Muadru runestone on an empty planet.
361 BG

303 BG

  • The last massive assault of the machines on the League for the next hundred years.[21][22] Agamemnon executes his twelfth son.[23]
277 BG
  • Ginaz soldiers find Chirox in a shipwreck. They reprogram it and begin using it for combat practices. [24]
250 BG
247 BG
Birth of Livia Butler
238 BG
Birth of Piers Harkonnen.[25]
234 BG
Possible birth of Iblis Ginjo.[26]
228 BG
Birth of Aurelius Venport
226 BG
Birth of Heoma
225 BG
Hecate secretly returns to human space and begins to watch the war between Omnius and the League of Nobles.
224 BG
Marriage of Manion Butler and Livia. Birth of Camie Boro, descendant of the last Emperor of the Old Empire.[27]
223 BG
Birth of Vorian Atreides[28] and Xavier Harkonnen.[29]
222 BG
Birth of Serena Butler.[30][31]
220 BG
Birth of Octa[32][33] and Fredo Butler.[34][35]
218 BG
Birth of Norma Cenva[36] and Selim Wormrider.
217 BG
Ulf and Katarina Harkonnen are attacked by Agamemnon while en route to Salusa Secundus.[37] Piers crashes on Caladan[38], presumed dead thenceforth[37], and dies later in the year.[25]
214 BG
Birth of Mahmad
211 BG
Birth of Vergyl Tantor[39], Ishmael[40] and Kalem Vazz.
210 BG
Death of Conquee Cenva, Supreme Sorceress of Rossak. Her daughter Zufa Cenva takes the title of Supreme Sorceress. Selim is lost in the desert for two days.[41]
206 BG
Death of Fredo Butler.[42][35]
205 BG
Xavier receives the legal entitlement to the original Harkonnen holdings.[43] Serena Butler leads a relief team to the Unallied Planet of Caladan, where thousands of refugees from the Synchronized Worlds have fled[44], and provides relief for a biological plight that almost destroys the pristine farms on Poritrin.[45]
204 BG
Xavier Harkonnen becomes a Salusan Militia officer.[43] Serena Butler delivers 3 transports of medical supplies to closed-off Tlulax, suffering from mysterious diseases.[44]
203 BG[10]
Tio Holtzman invents the Scrambler web which fails to protect the attack of the thinking machines against Salusa Secundus, the First Battle of Zimia, in which Primero Vannibal Meach perishes. Xavier Harkonnen is promoted to the rang of segundo for his actions in the Battle. Selim is exiled from his village by Naib Dhartha, but he discovers how to ride the sandworms of Arrakis. Erasmus is transferred from Corrin to Earth. Omnius conquers Giedi Prime and then dispatches thousands of deepspace probes into the galaxy to establish machine bases. Holtzman invites Norma Cenva to work with him on Poritrin and she invents the suspensors. Tlulaxa slavers capture Ishmael on Harmonthep and sell him on Poritrin. Serena, Ort Wibsen, Brigit Paterson and Pinquer Jibb secretly assemble a strike force to liberate Giedi Prime. Serena is captured and becomes a slave of Erasmus while the League Armada learns of this and helps to liberate Giedi. Heoma dies while killing Barbarossa. Vorian Atreides is given life extension treatment by his father General Agamemnon.
202 BG[46]
Xavier Harkonnen and Octa Butler get married. On Arrakis, Tuk Keedair realizes that the spice may be of value. Tio Holtzman invents the protecting shield. Birth of Manion the Innocent. Vorian and Seurat have their seventh mission on Walgis and encounter an asteroid field that damages the Dream Voyager. Foundation of VenKee Enterprises by Tuk Keedair and Aurelius Venport. Selim begins assembling a group of outlaws.
201 BG[47][48][46][49][10]
Birth of Roella Harkonnen. Erasmus kills the baby Manion. Revolt breaks out on Earth were Ajax is killed. The First Slave Revolt of Poritrin is suppressed and Bel Moulay executed. Vorian Atreides, Serena Butler and Iblis Ginjo flee to Salusa Secundus. Juno kills Eklo and the Titans exterminate all human populace of Earth. Birth of Leronica Tergiet.

Butlerian Jihad (201-108 BG)[]

200 BG[48][10]
The League of Nobles starts the Butlerian Jihad against the thinking machines. Using atomics, the League wipes out the thinking machines of Earth in the Battle of Earth. This nuclear attack renders Earth uninhabitable for centuries.
199 BG
Birth of Omilia Harkonnen.
198 BG
Bela Tegeuse is the first Synchronized World the newly assembled Army of the Jihad attacks. The skirmish is inconclusive and Jihad retreats.[48]
197 BG
Corrin-Omnius sends a heavy fleet to Salusa Secundus, but the Army of the Jihad rebuffs them in the ensuing Second Battle of Zimia. Vorian Atreides returns to Bela Tegeuse and discovers that the thinking machines have rebuilt it.[48] Jafar joins the exiled Selim. Later many follow his example, making Selim’s outlaw band grow.
196 BG
Vorian Atreides is promoted to segundo, First Grade. Birth of Jool Noret on Ginaz. Tio Holtzman introduces the flicker and fire technique for his shields.[48]
195 BG
The Army of the Jihad attempts to free the population from the Synchronized World Honru but Omnius uses suicide robot ships that wipe out the whole Jihad fleet. Over 500000 free humans are killed in the Honru Massacre. [50] Aliid is separated from his family.
194 BG
Vergyl joins the military.[50]
193 BG
The ”Jipol”(Jihad Police) is officially established, lead by Yorek Thurr. In a political marriage, Iblis Ginjo marries Camie Boro.[50]
192 BG
Ginaz mercenaries offer their services to the Jihad as independent warriors.[50] Birth of Tambir Boro-Ginjo, son of Iblis Ginjo and Camie Boro.[51]
191 BG
7 League representatives – political rivals or people enemies of Iblis Ginjo – are implicated as machine spies and interrogated by Jipol. Grand Patriarch Ginjo creates the “Seraphim” to protect Serena Butler.[52] Ishmael and Ozza get married.
190 BG
Manion Butler retires as Viceroy. Serena Butler is voted in as Interim Viceroy. Vergyl Tantor marries Sheel. Birth of Aquis Boro-Ginjo.[52][53] Birth of Chamal, daughter of Ishmael and Ozza.
189 BG
Thinking machines conquer Ellram after the Battle of Ellram. An unsuccessful assassination attempt on Serena Butler.[52]
188 BG
The thinking machines attack Peridot Colony. In the ensuing Battle of Peridot Colony, the Army of the Jihad drives back the machines who follow a scorched-earth policy, and the colony is ultimately destroyed. Vergyl meets Chirox. The fateful enthusiastic Attack on Corrin.[52] Birth of Falina, second daughter of Ishmael and Ozza.
187 BG
Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo proposes the “Jihad Council” to runs the war and administer both domestic (Jipol) and foreign (Army of the Jihad) affairs. The memorial of the Jihadi martyrs begin on Zimia and Giedi City.[54]
185 BG
Xavier Harkonnen and Vorian Atreides are both promoted to the rank of Primero. Norma Cenva moves from Holtzman's mansion to her secluded private laboratory and begins to work on Holtzman’s original field equations to find a way to fold space.[54] Birth of Gilbertus Albans.
184 BG
Three Unallied Planets are conquered by machine forces, to be used as bases of operations for their expansion. The machines adapt to human trickery and the captive Earth-Omnius becomes outdated.[54]
183 BG
Death of Lucille Tantor. Birth of Rellon Boro-Ginjo.[55]
181 BG
Two more Unallied Planets – Tyndall and Bellos – fall to machine domination.[56]
180 BG
Death of Mahmad. Zon Noret fights on board a besieged machine ship where he is injured.
179 BG
Vorian Atreides proposes that the Army of the Jihad must defend the Unallied Planets as well as League Worlds. He explains how Omnius is moving, the pattern by which he is taking strategic star systems on the fringe of the League. The proposal passes.[56]
178 BG
Liberation of Tyndall by a Jihad counterstrike.[56] Jool Noret installs learning algorithms in Chirox, enabling it to develop its own skills when practicing.
177 BG
Battle of IV Anbus, an Unallied Planet. Another unsuccessful assassination attempt on Serena Butler. Marha joins Selim’s group. Xerxes moves to suppress the Rebellion of Ix. Norma Cenva invents the theory of spacefolding. Death of Vergyl Tantor. Death of Zon Noret.
176 BG
Venport visits Poritrin and releases Norma from the contract that her inventions belong to Holtzman. He uses the profits gained by VenKee to assist her in beginning building a spacefolding ship. Erasmus starts to teach high level machine logic to Gilbertus Albans to prove to Omnius that human intellect can be developed. The Assault on Poritrin which is repelled. The Cogitor Kwyna reveals to Serena the true intents of Ginjo and ceases his existence. Keedair sends Rekur Van to Arrakis. Venport proposes to Cenva and leaves for Arrakis to settle the outlaws. Ishmael tried to speak with Niko Bludd. As a consequence he is separated from his family and goes with Aliid to work for Cenva.
175 BG
Vorian Atreides places an Omnius update reprogrammed with false data on the derelict update ship near Earth, and restarts the ship. Starting from Bela Tegeuse, incarnations of Omnius on several Synchronized Worlds suffer major breakdown, victims of his trick. Ginjo and Yorek Thurr leaving from Poritrin, meet Hecate. The Army of the Jihad succeeds in the Liberation of Ix from machine domination with Hecate’s help. Selim marries Marha. Birth of the daughter of Omilia Harkonnen.[57]
174 BG[58]
Chamal marries Rafel. The League installs a station on Caladan and Vorian falls in love with Leronica Tergiet. Birth of Wandra Harkonnen, daughter of Xavier and Octa. The Ivory Tower Cogitors visit Salusa Secundus and Keats is sent as a Secondary. Chamal and Rafel meet Ishmael. Corrin Omnius is corrupted and Erasmus destroys the corrupted Omnius update. Venport builds the prototype space-folding ship on Poritrin. Niko Bludd and Tio Holtzman cast Norma out from the planet and she is captured by Xerxes. The Great Slave Uprising is ignited on Poritrin by Aliid, who dies while killing Tio Holtzman. Lord Niko Bludd also dies, as well as much of the population of Starda, which is destroyed, and all of Poritrin. To escape the slaughter, Ishmael and his Zensunni followers capture Keedair and flee to Arrakis with the untried spacefolding ship – the first successful space-folding trip. Death of Dharta and Selim. The uprising triggers a pogrom of the slaves. Venport arrives at Salusa and starts to look for Norma. An immense telekinetic power awakens in Norma Cenva, who destroys Xerxes. The Titans destroy a slave encampment on Ularda. Jool Noret allows Chirox to train Ginaz mercenaries in combat. The city of Bandalong is built on Tlulax. Birth of Quentin Vigar.[59]
173 BG
Slavers devastate Chusuk and let believe it was done by the machines. Birth of El'hiim, son of Selim and Marha. Agamemnon, Dante, Juno and several neo-cymeks revolt against Omnius and conquer Bela Tegeuse. Jafar’s outlaws take in the Poritrin Zensunni refugees. Leronica marries Kalem Vazz. Birth of Vorian’s and Leronica’s twin sons, Estes and Kagin. Norma and Aurelius establish a shipyard on Kolhar to produce space-folding ships. Birth of Ticia Cenva, daughter of Zufa and Iblis. The Titans set up a neo-cymek army from the populace of Bela Tegeuse and start a war against Omnius.
172 BG
Birth of Adrien Venport, son of Norma and Aurelius.
166 BG[60]
Death of Manion and Livia Butler. The humans of the Rhisso planetoid are abducted in the Battle of Rhisso. Gilbertus Albans is given life extension treatment by Erasmus.
165 BG
Serena asks Venport to contribute his technology to the Jihad. Vorian and Xavier go to Kolhar. Death of Kalem Vazz.
164 BG[31][26]
Aurelius Venport gives the space-folding technology and the Kolhar shipyards to the Jihad’s disposal. Aurelius and oustanding doctor Rajid Suk are given the Manion Cross by Serena. Cogitor Vidad and his colleagues broker peace between Omnius and the League. The war-weary humans want peace in spite of Serena Butler’s and Iblis Ginjo’s protest. Serena Butler travels to Corrin seemingly to negotiate peace, but in truth to die a martyr’s death. She provokes Omnius until she is executed. Serena’s martyrdom gives a new flame to the Jihad. Zufa Cenva is abducted by Hecate; thinking she is an enemy, she destroys her in a telekinetic blast. Zufa and Aurelius Venport die along with Hecate. Ticia Cenva becomes Supreme Sorceress of Rossak. Hecate's asteroid falls on Ginaz. Death of Jool Noret. Xavier Harkonnen discovers that Iblis Ginjo and the Tlulaxa have been kidnapping humans in large numbers for years from some planets and using their organs as replacement for jihadis. Xavier sends notice to Vorian Atreides, then kills Iblis and himself. After the death of Jool Noret, the Ginaz mercenaries begin training the first true Ginaz Swordmasters and set up the Jool-Noret Swordmaster school in his name. The Titans conquer Richese. Tlulax is invaded by mobs after their activities are revealed to the League. The Tlulaxa are forced to flee their homeworld. Ishmael and Marha get married. The whole truth concerning the Tlulaxa organ scandal is never revealed. Thus history will remember Iblis Ginjo as hero and Harkonnen as traitor. To escape the tainted Harkonnen name Wandra Butler takes the name Butler. Camie Boro becomes Grand Patriarch. After fleeing Tlulax, Rekur Van flees to the Synchronized Worlds and offers Erasmus a sample of modified DNA of Serena Butler. They attempt to create a clone but Erasmus is heavily disappointed, however he finds Rekur interesting and enjoys his company. Erasmus subsequently removes his arms and legs, and leavesa the core of his body in a life-support socket with a system of nutrient and waste tubes. His limbs are experimentally transplanted into human test subjects, Four-Arms and Four-Legs. With manipulations of a patiently administered system of rewards and punishments, the "Stump", as he called him, Van becomes an experimental subject. Ishmael declares the combined Zenshnni group of Arrakis of Jafar’s outlaws and the former Poritrin slaves the Free Men of Arrakis.
154 BG
Camie Boro leaves the post of Grand Patriarch to Tambir Boro.[51]
153 BG[61]
Yorek Thurr, who aspired to become Grand Patriarch, fakes his own death and escapes to the Synchronized Worlds.[62]
152 BG
Birth of Xander Boro-Ginjo, son of Rellon Boro.[63]
150 BG
Liberation of Parmentier. Quentin Vigar marries Wandra Butler[64] and out of respect for the Butler family takes the name Butler.
~148 BG
Birth of Mohandas Suk, the nephew of Rajid Suk.
145 BG
Birth of Faykan Butler, son of Quentin and Wandra Butler.[65]
138 BG
Birth of Rikov Butler, son of Quentin and Wandra Butler.[66]
137 BG
Birth of Raquella Berto-Anirul, granddaughter of Vorian Atreides and Karida Julan.
133 BG
Birth of Jimbay Whit.
132 BG
Birth of Jessica Boro-Ginjo, daughter of Xander Boro-Ginjo.[67]
129 BG
Swordmaster Borys is enslaved by Omnius during a battle at Ularda.
128 BG
Birth of Hyla and Andros, children of Agamemnon.
126 BG
Birth of Abulurd Butler, son of Quentin and Wandra Butler.[68] Wandra suffers a stroke on his birth.[69]
123 BG
The thinking machines unsuccessfully try to reconquer Ix in the Battle of Ix.[70]
120 BG
Rikov Butler marries Kohe Tantor.
119 BG
Birth of Rayna Butler, daughter of Rikov and Kohe.[71]
118 BG
Birth of Horis Roker on Corrin.
115 BG
Death of Helmina Berto-Anirul, daughter of Vorian Atreides and Karida Julan.
110 BG
Death of Camie Boro.[27] Xander Boro-Ginjo becomes Grand Patriarch.[63]
108 BG[47][72][10]
Vorian Atreides reveals to Abulurd Butler the true role of Xavier Harkonnen in the Tlulaxa organ scandal. Liberation of Honru. Omnius infects the League Planets with the Omnius Scourge causing the death of billions. Istian Goss graduates as Swordmaster. The Titans escape to Hessra from Omnius’s renewing attacks and kill the Cogitors and Keats. Death of Rikov Butler and Kohe Tantor. Rayna Butler starts a fanatic movement named the Cult of Serena which begins to destroy both electronic and mechanical machines. Raquella Berto-Anirul discovers that melange may offer protection agains the Scourge. As a result, spice prospectors begin to swarm to Arrakis. VenKee puts more spice on the market. The Zensunni trading with VenKee, lead by El’hiim move closer to Arrakis City, their lifestyle becoming softer. The Rossak Sorceresses lead by Ticia Cenva begin to collect genetic samples of the virus-endangered humanity’s bloodlines. Abulurd Butler makes Harkonnen his family name. The Corrin-Omnius gathers all robot spaceships to launch a devastating attack against the League of Nobles absorbed with fighting the Demon Scourge. Death of Leronica Tergiet. The League sends the Great Purge fleet against the unprotected Synchronized Worlds and burns all but Corrin with nuclear fire. Death of Borys. Learning about the Great Purge the Corrin-Omnius recalls the robot fleet to protect Corrin. The Army of the Jihad draws an inpenetrable blockade around Corrin, trapping the remaining thinking machines. The Butlerian Jihad is declared officially over. The Demon Scourge slowly burns itself out. Agamemnon’s children Hyla and Andros are imprisoned in a preservation vault.[73]

Road to the Battle of Corrin (108-88 BG)[]

107 BG

106 BG

  • Vorian proposes a hit against Hessra but is dismissed.

103 BG

100 BG

  • Faykan Butler marries Jessica Boro-Ginjo.[67]

98 BG

93 BG

  • Faykan Butler becomes Viceroy of the League.
  • Istian Goss becomes a Swordmaster tutor on Ginaz.

Battle of Corrin (88 BG)[]

88 BG[75][76][10]

  • Slavers begin to harass the Arrakis Zensunni settlements.
  • Quentin Butler is captured by the Titans and transformed into a cymek.
  • Norma Cenva discovers the use of melange for spacefolders. She becomes the first Navigator.
  • The Rossak Epidemic breaks. Raquella Berto-Anirul and Mohandas Suk travel to there.
  • Supported by the Cult of Serena, Faykan Butler declares himself Viceroy, and installs a law that prohibits the production of thinking machines.
  • Yorek Thurr flees Corrin for Salusa Secundus and kills Xander Boro-Ginjo.
  • The Cult of Serena starts to destroy machines on Salusa Secundus and Cogitor Vidad is killed.
  • Abulurd Harkonnen kills Yorek Thurr.
  • Ticia Cenva poisons Raquella Berto-Anirul, but she changes her internal body chemistry and transforms into the first Reverend Mother.
  • Ticia Cenva commits suicide.
  • Vorian Atreides and Quentin Butler kill the last three Titans, Agamemnon, Juno and Dante, and Quentin Butler is killed as the neo-cymeks begin to shut down.
  • Chirox kills Nar Trig, now a loyal member of the Cult of Serena, in combat, then shuts himself down to prevent Istian Goss from being killed by Cultists.
  • The League launches the Battle of Corrin. Omnius draws the Bridge of Hrethgir around Corrin to stop the human fleet but Vorian Atreides launches the attack. Abulurd Harkonnen tries to sabotage him to save the slaves. The Corrin-Omnius broadcasts a copy of itself into space before humanity destroys the last incarnations of Omnius and the thinking machines.
  • Gilbertus Albans saves the brain of Erasmus from the holocaust, escaping Corrin in disguise as a human slave and going to Lecter as a farmer.
  • Slave pen master Horis Roker also escapes, changing his name and beginning a new life in exile.
  • Adrien Venport founds Foldspace Shipping Company. The spacefolders are navigated by prescience enabled by melange, based on Norma's breakthrough.
  • To commemorate the Battle of Corrin, Faykan Butler and his son Jules take the name Corrino, and joining the titles of Grand Patriarch and Viceroy Faykan declares himself the emperor of humanity, founding the Corrino Empire.
  • The Golden Lion Throne is set up for Faykan.
  • The League of Nobles is disbanded and replaced by the Landsraad League of Great Houses, headed by the Imperial House Corrino.
  • At Vorian Atreides’s suggestion, Abulurd Harkonnen is declared a coward and exiled. Abulurd settles on Lankiveil and passes his hatred of Vorian Atreides to the next Harkonnen-generation, which will eventually give birth to enmity between House Atreides and House Harkonnen.
  • Raquella Berto-Anirul becomes leader of the surviving Sorceresses and founds the Sisterhood of Rossak to preserve mankind’s genetic heritage. The secret agreement with the Jews passes to the Sisterhood and will remain for 15,000 years.[77]
  • Ishmael and a group of Free Men harassed by slavers move to the deep desert of Arrakis. The Free Men adapting to the harsh lifestyle will during the next centuries become the Fremen people. El'hiim and his followers slowly merge with the townfolk of the North Pole of Arrakis.[78]
  • With the lead of the Cult of Serena, machine destruction hits the inhabited worlds in renewed waves wiping out most of the machine-based technology and also the majority of historical documents. Culture based on the production of highly developed machines survives only on Ix and Richese.
  • Dr. Mohandas Suk founds a medical school like the League has never seen, the Suk Medical School, after witnessing the Omnius Scourge and Rossak Epidemic.

Corrino Empire (88 BG - 10193 AG)[]

87 BG

  • Deactivation of the last neo-cymeks.[79] Death of Wandra Butler.[58]

85 BG

  • Abulurd Harkonnen marries. Birth of Dirdos Harkonnen and his two brothers.[80]

81 BG

  • Gilbertus Albans leaves Lecter with Erasmus.

c. 78 BG

  • Death of Faykan Corrino. Jules Corrino becomes Emperor and amends the Venport agreement to "allow competition" to Venport Holdings.[81]

75 BG

  • Vorian Atreides marries Mariella on Kepler.

68 BG

  • Death of Abulurd Harkonnen and his wife from a fever in their fishing village.
  • Dirdos Harkonnen founds House Harkonnen on Lankiveil.
  • Under the encouragement of Erasmus, Gilbertus Albans reclaims his original name and founds the Order of Mentats on Lampadas.

52 BG

51 BG

  • Birth of Clar Atreides, son of Vorian Atreides, on Kepler.

50 BG

45 BG

  • Ori Zhoma is dismissed from the Sisterhood of Rossak in disgrace.[83] Birth of a pureblood Sorceress on Rossak.[84]

35 BG

  • Birth of Esther-Cano.[84]

32 BG

  • The CET begin compiling the Orange Catholic Bible.

28 BG

26 BG

25 BG

22 BG[88]

  • Manford Torondo is deprived of both legs in the bomb blast that kills Rayna Butler, who dies in his arms. He begins leading the Cult of Serena, renaming it the Butlerian movement. He leads Swordmaster Anari Idaho and millions of people across the Imperium to cleanse humanity of its reliance on convenient technologies, often exploiting religious paranoia to advance his agendas.[89]
  • Toure Bomoko rapes the Empress Orenna Corrino. All 35 of the delegates are violently executed, but Toure somehow manages to escape and hide on Tupile, where he eventually dies, with the help of Josef Venport.

20 BG

  • Manford Torondo visits the Thalim system. The Butlerians declare the Tlulaxa biological projects to be against the laws of man and God, and they are destroyed. Strict rules are imposed upon all Tlulaxa scientists.

17 BG

  • Death of Jules Corrino[90] from a brain tumor. Salvador Corrino becomes Padishah Emperor.

10 BG

  • Valya Harkonnen is recruited to the Sisterhood of Rossak[91] by Sister Arlett.[92]

Galactic civil war[]

5 BG[93]

  • The Butler family, under the name Corrino, has consolidated a tenuous hold on the human-occupied universe. The head of the Corrino family, Emperor Salvador, lives in splendor on the planet Salusa Secundus with his brother and trusted advisor, Roderick.
  • Riots still rage over the Orange Catholic Bible of the Commission of Euceminal Translators. Constantly, innocents are executed by mobs, mistaken for the hated Toure Bomoko.
  • In opposition to the popular movement is the unscrupulous businessman Josef Venport, who holds a near-monopoly on space travel. Advised by his wife Cioba and great-grandmother Norma Cenva, who discovered the secret to creating space-folding "Navigators", Josef plots against his few remaining competitors and funds a secret group of scientific researchers who hold personal grudges against the Butlerians and are willing to salvage and optimize old cymek technology to satisfy their vendettas with Torondo.
  • On the planet Kepler, war hero Vorian Atreides attempts to keep his neighbors free from the threat of slavers. An attempt to obtain Imperial protection for his planet is successful, but Vorian is sent even deeper into exile by Salvador and Roderick, who are concerned that the Jihad hero may, through his celebrity, incite a rebellion against their authority. He chooses to go to Arrakis, where the Free Men of Dune, who have abandoned the easier life of the Arrakeenvillages, continue to thrive in the desert, encountering various enemies and allies during the course of their existence.
  • On the planet Lankiveil, the Harkonnen family ekes out a lean existence, far from the glory enjoyed by their ancestors after Vorian Atreides disowned the disgraced Abulurd Harkonnen. While the parents have decided to surrender ambition for survival and a humble existence, the two oldest children, Griffin and Valya, seek to rebuild their family fortunes through service to the Landsraad and the Sisterhood on Rossak, respectively.
  • Vorian's granddaughter Raquella Berto-Anirul, who survived a poisoning that provided her with the memories and mental presences of her female ancestors, leads the Sisterhood of Rossak. She thwarts Butlerian sympathizers within her own ranks, who correctly suspect that Raquella and her inner circle are using computers to manage their breeding index, which comprises an immense amount of family data from across the Imperium. Raquella is aided in these efforts by Sister Valya Harkonnen, who finds her efforts to rebuild her family's glory impeded when the spoiled Princess Anna Corrino (sister to Emperor Salvador and Roderick) is sent to Rossak. Anna, viewed as an embarrassment by the royal family, is meant to learn important skills with the Sisters, but instead follows her own childish ambitions.
  • Sister Dorotea steals two pills of the Rossak drug that gave Raquella her abilities and encourages Valya to take it alongside her. While Dorotea became the second ever Reverend Mother after taking and surviving it, Valya merely pretends to take it, but keeps the pill. Reverend Mother Dorotea learns of the Sisterhood’s secret computers, and that Raquella is her grandmother. More follow her; including Anna Corrino, who fails to become a Reverend Mother and enters a trance state. Through the new director of the Suk Medical School (and former Rossak Sister) Dr. Ori Zhoma, the Sisterhood also plots against Salvador, who it fears may be the ancestor of a potentially disastrous tyrant.
  • The Mentat Gilbertus Albans attempts to maintain order in his Mentat school on the planet Lampadas and hide the existence of his old mentor, the robot Erasmus.

4 BG

  • Gilbertus Albans is dragged into the Butlerian movement's anti-technology campaign by the fanaticism of his most vocal students, and the furor of Torondo, who coerces Gilbertus to serve as his special advisor. Gilbertus finds himself forced into a confrontation with his best student and friend, Draigo, who is in the service of Josef Venport's VenHold shipping conglomerate.
  • Hila and Andros decide to find Vorian and potentially convert them back to the side of the thinking machines. They go to Kepler, where they have learned he is living, and they burn his house and kill his wife, after she tells them he has gone to Arrakis. Griffin Harkonnen also goes to Arrakis to find Vorian, who is banished from a Sietch of Free Men after they are attacked, and some of them are killed, by Hila and Andros, which the Naib sees to be Vorian’s fault. Before Vorian’s banishment, Abulurd is found by the Free Men and brought to him. It is decided they will both be exiled to the desert. Griffin escapes and is saved from a sandworm by Vorian. The Naib tells Griffin and Vorian they must fight to end their blood feud. During the fight, Griffin reveals to Vorian that his wife is dead, catching him off guard and ultimately getting him at his mercy, although he decides not to kill him out of honoring, ending the feud. The two are placed in the desert hut Griffin is killed by Hila. Vorian attracts a worm which kills both Hila and Andros.
  • The Emperor Salvador is told about the Sisterhood’s computers by Sister Doretea, when she brings Anna back to Salusa Secundus. He goes to Rossak to investigate this but Raquella and Valya destroy the computer in advance, and the Emperor finds nothing. When the Sorceresses attack Salvador, he is furious and declares the Sisterhood of Rossak disbanded by Imperial decree.
  • Valya travels back to Lankiveil and finally takes the drug, becoming the third ever Reverend Mother. Shortly after, her and twenty-seven other sisters led by Mother Superior Raquella are given sanctuary by Josef Venport on Wallach IX, where they hope to rebuild the Sisterhood.
  • The C.E.T. realeases a sanitized OCB with the cautious approval of the Emperor Salvador, but this does not stop the murders. Ultimately, Roderick Corrino uses them to the Imperium’s advantage, killing Dr Zhoma and pretending she has been killed as Toure Bomoko and that the DNA shows that this is the real Bomoko, born ending the riots and killings and getting rid of Zhoma.
  • Dorotea founds the Orthodox Sisterhood sanctioned by Emperor Roderick on Salusa Secundus.
  • Horis Roker is found and burnt to death by Butlerians.

3 BG

  • Industrialist Josef Venport squares off against Torondo.
  • Gilbertus Albans refuses to force his Mentats to swear an oath to the Butlerians. He is executed after the Siege of the Mentat School, but Anna Corrino escapes with Erasmus.
  • A riot incited by Torondo results in the death of Roderick's daughter.
  • Venport uses the constant danger of giant sandworms to orchestrate the Emperor's assassination.
  • Raquella summons Dorotea and the Orthodox Sisters to the School and names her and Vayla co-leaders befor she dies to heal the rift. However, Vayla uses her newly discovered power of Voice to force Dorotea to commit suicide, declaring herself to be the sole Mother Superior of the reunited Order, and ingratiaing herself to the Emperor Roderick.
  • Vorian Atreides travels to Caladan to meet his descendants; soon tragedy begins to befall the Atreides, and Vorian realizes too late that Griffin and Valya's younger sister Tula have visited Harkonnen vengeance on them.

1 BG/AG = ~13000 AD

  • The Battle of Lampadas ends with a House Corrino victory, resulting in the death of Leader Manford Torondo, although the weakened movement continues under Anari Idaho.
  • The Battle of Denali ends with a House Corrino victory and the end to the Venport Holdings.
  • Death of Erasmus and Anna Corrino.
  • Foldspace Shipping Company takes the name Spacing Guild and monopolizes space commerce, transport and interplanetary banking, establishing more uniform and orderly interstellar travel and finance, as well as the imposing of the restrictions of the Guild Peace. Beginning of the Guild calendar.[94]
  • Willem Atreides founds House Atreides in opposition to House Harkonnen, which is beginning to gain more power under Danvis Harkonnen. This solidifies the Atreides-Harkonnen feud for thousands of years.
  • Combined Mercantiles, a former subsidary of VenHold, is renamed CHOAM (Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles), and begins rising to become a major conglomerate in the Empire.
  • The date that the Universal Standard Calendar is centered.
  • Valya Harkonnen begins changing the focus of the Sisterhood of Wallach IX, transforming it into a new "Bene Gesserit Sisterhood".

The Centuries after the Formation of the Guild[]

9 AG

  • Death of Roderick Corrino, who is replaced by his son Javicco.
  • Gerhard Harkonnen incapacitates his cousin Danvis and becomes the leader of House Harkonnen.

1st century AG

3rd century AG

c. 1000 AG

c. 2000 AG
c. 5000 AG

9153 AG

  • The governorship of Arrakis becomes an Imperial boon, granted to a chosen family that will govern the planet for a term not to exceed a century.[102]

9175 AG

9843 AG
9997 AG
9999 AG
  • Birth of Elrood IX, son of Emperor Fondil III.
10010 AG
10018 AG
  • Death of Emperor Fondil III. Elrood Corrino IX ascends the throne.
  • Birth of Wensicia Mutelli, daughter of Elrood Corrino and Barbara Mutelli.
  • During the reign of Elrood IX, Richese is overpowered by Ix in an economic warfare. This leads to the political and economic decline of House Richese.
10019 AG
  • Elrood IX marries Barbara Mutelli.
10020 AG
10021 AG
  • Elrood IX murders Elliott. Barbara Mutelli goes insane. Elrood repeatedly impregnates her, has the embryos removed from Barbara and places them in storage for later dynastic emergencies.
10024 AG
10026 AG
  • Death of Barbara Mutelli.
10036 AG
  • Elrood IX marries Yvette Hagal.
10050 AG
10070 AG
  • Birth of Edwina, daughter of Elrood IX and Yvette Hagal.
~10070 AG
10071 AG
10075 AG
  • Death of Yvette Hagal. Birth of Thufir Hawat.
10079 AG
  • Elrood IX marries Alexandra Ecaz.
10082 AG

10089 AG

10090 AG
10092 AG
10095 AG
10098 AG
  • Alexandra Ecaz disappears.
10100 AG
  • Elrood IX marries Habla.
10110 AG

10111 AG

  • House Richese is ousted from its feudal right of governing Arrakis.
  • Baron Dmitri Harkonnen is made siridar governor of Arrakis, holding the planet in quasi-fief under a CHOAM company contract to mine melange.[105]
  • Dmitri Harkonnen builds Orgiz on Arrakis.
10112 AG
10114 AG
  • House Richese regains some of its lost prestige due to a marriage between Paulus Atreides and Helena Richese.
10118 AG
  • Birth of Hasimir Fenring, the almost successful end-product of the Kwisatz Haderach project.
  • After nineteen years of childless marriage Elrood IX has one of the frozen embryos from Barbara Mutelli implanted in Habla.
10119 AG
  • Habla gives birth to Shaddam, son of Elrood IX and Barbara Mutelli.
10123 AG
  • Death of Edwina Corrino.
~10130 AG
10132 AG
10136 AG
10138 AG
  • Marriage of Dominic Vernius and Shando Balut.
  • Hasimir and Shaddam kill Fafnir Corrino, the crown prince.
10140 AG

10145 AG

10146 AG
  • Birth of Duncan Idaho.[112]
  • Death of Dmitri Harkonnen. His son Abulurd, takes the siridar governorship of Arrakis.[113]
10149 AG
  • Birth of Bheth Halleck.
10153 AG
  • Vladimir Harkonnen replaces Abulurd, his half-brother, as governor of Arrakis. Abulurd retires to Lankiveil.
  • Elrood IX appoints Pardot Kynes planetologist of Arrakis. After saving Stilgar, he leads the Fremen to start to transform Arrakis into a paradise world.
  • Glossu Rabban kills Duncan Idaho’s parents.
  • Shaddam Corrino and Hasimir Fenring poison Elrood IX with a slow-acting poison.
  • Leto Atreides departs from Caladan to study on Ix.

Project Amal[]

10154 AG[114]
  • According to a secret pact with Elrood IX, the Bene Tleilax takes over control of Ix.
  • Tleilaxu Master Hidar Fen Ajidica launches the top secret Project Amal on Ix to develop the method for synthetizing the spice melange.
  • Dominic Vernius and Shando become renegades after the Suboid Revolt. Leto Atreides, Rhombur Vernius and Kailea Vernius escape to Caladan.
  • The Fremen begin terraforming Arrakis with Pardot Kynes’s guidance.
  • Duncan Idaho becomes a servant of House Atreides.
  • D’murr Pilru becomes a Navigator.
  • Hasimir Fenring kills Grera Cary.
  • Birth of Jessica, daughter of Gaius Helen Mohiam and Vladimir Harkonnen as a subject of the Kwisatz Haderach project.
  • Birth of Liet-Kynes, son of Pardot Kynes.

10155 AG

10156 AG[116][117][118]
  • Death of Paulus Atreides. Leto Atreides becomes Duke of House Atreides.
  • Bullfighting on Caladan is ended.
  • Death of Elrood IX.
  • Tenu Chobyn of Richese invents the no-field but shares his invention only with Vladimir Harkonnen. A no-globe is built on Giedi Prime. Chobyn is killed by Mentat Piter de Vries.
  • Shando Vernius is killed by the Sardaukar.
  • Vladimir Harkonnen’s unsuccessful effort to cause warfare between House Atreides and the Bene Tleilax.
  • Shaddam Corrino IV becomes Emperor. He marries Anirul Sadow Tonkin.
  • Hasimir Fenring marries Margot Rashino-Zea. Shaddam places him on Arrakis.
  • Dominic Vernius and his followers go into hiding on Arrakis.
c. 10158 AG
  • Dominic Vernius attacks the Tleilaxu ruling Ix. The Emperor's Sardaukar deflect the attack.
  • After the conquest of Ix the products of Ixian technology disappear from the Imperium's markets. This leads to the temporary rise of Richese's economy.

10160 AG

  • Tleilaxu Face Dancer Scytale is born.
10161 AG
  • The Tleilaxu restart Ixian production. As Ixian products once more become available on the galactic market, Richese's economy declines.
10163 AG
  • Appropriations for Sardaukar training begin going down for 30 years.[116]
10164 AG
  • Birth of Irulan Corrino, daughter of Shaddam IV and Anirul Sadow Tonkin.
  • Birth of Chalice Corrino, daughter of Shaddam IV and Anirul Sadow Tonkin.
10166 AG
10168 AG
  • Birth of Victor Atreides, son of Leto Atreides and Kailea Vernius. Jessica graduates from the Bene Gesserit Mother School on Wallach IX under Mohiam[119][120], tested by her with a gom jabbar and proven as "human".[121]
10170 AG
  • Gurney Halleck is enslaved by Harkonnens.
10171 AG
  • Leto Atreides gains popularity in the Landsraad by trying to solve the Moritani-Ecaz conflict.
  • The Bene Gesserit 'presents' Jessica to Leto with the secret aim that she would conceive a girl child from him – this girl should give birth to the Kwisatz Haderach.
10173 AG
  • Glossu Rabban kills Gurney Halleck's parents.
  • Disguised as a Buddislamic monk Gaius Helen Mohiam gives a potency strengthening drug to Abulurd Harkonnen and his wife so that they can have another boy child – this boy should father the Kwisatz Haderach.
  • Gurney Halleck escapes from slavery.
10174 AG[122]
  • Birth of Abulurd Harkonnen's second son, Feyd-Rautha, in October.
  • Abulurd denounces the name Harkonnen. In revenge, Vladimir Harkonnen kidnaps Feyd-Rautha and adopts both sons of Abulurd.
  • Duncan Idaho is declared swordmaster.
  • Hasimir Fenring's Sardaukar destroy Dominic Vernius and his base.
  • Gurney Halleck joins House Atreides.
  • Grumman attacks Ginaz.
  • Kailea Vernius tries to kill Leto Atreides because he would not marry her due to political reasons; the unsuccessful attempt causes Victor Atreides's death and Rhombur Vernius's serious injury. Kailea kills Chiara and commits suicide.
  • Swain Gore goes into exile with the Sisters in Isolation.
  • Glossu Rabban kills Abulurd Harkonnen.
  • Dr. Wellington Yueh arrives to Caladan to cyborg the maimed Rhombur Vernius.
  • Pardot Kynes dies, Liet-Kynes takes over his work.
  • Birth of Chani Kynes, daughter of Liet-Kynes and Faroula.
  • Hidar Fen Ajidica, Master researcher of Project Amal plans to build his own empire in secret based on the sythetic Spice. He sends hundreds of Face Dancers beyond the borders of the Imperium in preparation.

Great Spice War[]

10175 AG[123][10]
  • Dr. Wellington Yueh makes Rhombur Vernius a cyborg.
  • Death of Truthsayer Lobia. Gaius Helen Mohiam becomes Shaddam's new Truthsayer.
  • Testing the newest version of Amal – named Ajidamal – Hidar Fen Ajidica finds that it has all the good properties of melange. Possessing the know-how of ajidamal production, Ajidica prepares his escape from Ix.
  • To ensure his monopoly based on synthetic spice, Shaddam IV starts the Great Spice War with the secret aim of emptying the spice hoards of the Imperium and destroying the natural spice source Arrakis.
  • Fourteen million are killed on the planet of Zanovar in the first attack of the Great Spice War, including Docent Glax Othn and Charence.
  • Shaddam IV executes Tyros Reffa.
  • Omnius encounters a human Guild Heighliner navigated by D'murr Pilru outside of the known space of the Imperium, but does not manage to capture it before it returns to known space.
  • Death of D’murr Pilru.
  • Death of C’tair Pilru.
  • Sister Cristane kills Miral Alechem.
  • Leto Atreides’s army liberates Ix from the Tleilaxu rule.
  • Hidar Fen Ajidica dies due to the side effects of Ajidamal. The failure of Project Amal ends the Emperor’s Great Spice War.
  • Hasimir Fenring kills Sister Cristane.
  • House Vernius is reestablished, with Rhombur as ruler of Ix.
  • Wolfram Moritani is born.
  • Bronso Vernius is born.
  • Birth of Paul Atreides, the Kwisatz Haderach achieved one generation early, on Kaitain, to Duke Leto Atreides and the Lady Jessica, who disobeys the Sisterhood's command to produce a daughter which will be mother to the Kwisatz Haderach. The baby Paul is kidnapped by Piter de Vries.
  • Anirul Corrino is killed by Piter de Vries.
  • Gaius Helen Mohiam kills Piter de Vries and returns Paul to Jessica and Leto. Vladimir Harkonnen orders a ghola of de Vries from the Bene Tleilax to continue to serve him.
10181 AG
10182 AG
10183 AG

10185 AG

  • Jessica Atreides meets Yueh.[127]
10186 AG

War of Assassins of 10,187 AG[]

10187 AG
  • Leto Atreides’s weaponsmasters train a small, Sardaukar-level force. This makes the Emperor feel threatened.
  • House Moritani visits Ecaz. Wolfram Moritani contracts an illness and disorder that causes him to physically waste away. The only cure for the ailment is esoit-poay, which is only found on Ecaz. When Wolfram dies from the disorder, his grieving father Hundro vows revenge on the enemy house, by assassinating Aermand and Ilesca Ecaz.
  • Duke Prad Vidal of Elacca launches an attack using blades from the potted plants at the wedding of Leto Atreides I and Ilesa Ecaz. They are defended by Rivvy Dinari, who sacrifices himself, and Whitmore Blud. Armand loses an arm and Ilesa bleeds to death. Moments after this tragedy, a holographic message of Viscount Hundro Moritani rings throughout the hall, claiming responsibility and thus starting the War of Assassins of 10,187 AG.
  • House Atreides allis with House Ecaz, and House Moritani with House Harkonnen.
  • Leto I and Duncan Idaho asassinate upstrat Duke Prad Vidal.
  • Lady Helena Atreides, the Sisters in Isolation and Swain Gore are killed by the Moritanis.
  • House Moritani is decimated and destroyed in the Battle of Grumman.
10188 AG
  • Lady Jessica Atreides, and her son Paul Atreides, visit Ix so Paul can be dropped off for exchange study in the underground city of Vernii.
  • Guilt-caster Stokia, and three other Bene Gesserit sisters, put Tessia Vernius into a deep coma for her disobedience to the Sisterhood.
  • Rhombur Vernius reveals to his adopted son, Bronso Vernius of Ix, that he is actually Bronso's uncle; and that long-dead Tyros Reffa is actually Bronso's father.
  • Bronso decides to run away from Ix, Paul accompanies him. They stow away a Guild heighliner, and join a Jongleur Face Dancer performing group, with their first stop on Balut.
  • Led by Gurney Halleck and Duncan Idaho, and with assistance from the Guild; the duo are found on Chusuk; and joined by their respective parents.
  • In the Hall of Shards, Paul foils an assassination attempt on the Governor of Balut. During the secondary attack, Rhombur realizes the attempt is only half over, and gives his life to protect others.
  • Bronso casts House Atreides out of his life, as he is made embittered by what he thinks is Rhombur's over-concern for Paul. Rhombur's last words are, "Is Paul safe?" 10189 AG
  • Birth of Lichna, daughter of Otheym and Dhuri.[128]

10190 AG

  • Shaddam Corrino IV celebrates ten millennia of House Corrino rule on Otorio, inviting the Nobles of the Houses Major.
  • Jaxson Aru starts a rebellion against Shaddam, committing various acts of sabotage.
  • The Bene Gesserit recalls the Lady Jessica from Caladan to Wallach IX to extract Lethea's secrets. Lethea dies and Jessica is sent to be the concubine of Viscount Tool on Elegy. With the help of the Viscount, Jessica is able to go to Caladan to warn Paul to be on his guard.
  • Zora is sent to Caladan to become the concubine of the Duke Leto.
  • Leto travels to Kaitain, and before a duel with Lord Attik the Lord is poisoned. Paul becomes acting Duke. He also attempts to get married but soon after decides to go hme. Leto decides he will take another path to get Shaddam's favour by infiltrating Jaxson Aru's rebellion, and exposing it from within. He sends Gurney Halleck to Kaitan with a message for Shaddam and joins Aru, who continues to commit acts of sabotage against Shaddam. However, Gurney is intercepted by the Harkonnens.
  • The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen is stockpiling huge amounts of spice on Arrakis in a secret facility. He has it smuggled to various people and is making huge profits. He challenges his nephews Glossu Rabban and Feyd-Rautha Harkonnnen to hurt House Atreides in some way to prove their worthiness to become the next Baron.
  • Rabban obtains a blight that cripples the moonfish industry, one of the main industry of Caladan, making the Count Hasimir Fenring lose all of his money.
  • Feyd chooses to attack through the use of a rogue swordmaster, who heads to Caladan and kills Zora, mistaking her for Jessica.
  • The Baron's spice facility has to be scuttled when it is exposed.
  • Rheinvar the Magnificient dies after he is severely injured during an escape from an awry Tleilaxu assassination attempt. He is replaced by a Face Dancer.[129]

Desert War[]

10191 AG[10]
  • January - March
  • March
  • April
  • May - October
  • November

10192 AG

  • Rabban kills another 6,000 Fremen. Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen has a child with Lady Margot Fenring, wife of Count Hasimir Fenring.
10193 AG
  • November
  • December
  • Shaddam Corrino IV abdicates, and is exiled to Salusa Secundus with his daughters other than Irulan, and Hasimir Fenring.
  • Paul officially becomes Emperor and Muad'Dib's Jihad begins.[130]
  • Stilgar becomes governor of Arrakis and Minister of State.
  • Princess Irulan publishes The Life of Muad'Dib, Volume 1, on the events of the Desert War. It is the first of many books she will write on Paul, and occasionally other things, over the years.

Atreides Empire (10193-13725 AG)[]

Muad'Dib's Jihad[]

10194 AG

  • Enno joins Muad’Dib’s Fedaykin.
  • Paul and Jessica travel back to Caladan, where Jessica is installed as Duchess.
  • Fremen troops capture Kaitain in the Sack of Kaitain.
  • Alia proclaims that those who are not Muad'Dib's allies, are his enemies.
  • Former Emperor Shaddam IV allies with his old friend Hasimir Fenring.
10196 AG
10198 AG
  • The Great Surrender Ceremony is ordered by Emperor Paul Atreides Muad'Dib as a way of Landsraad nobles to show obeisance.
  • The Tleilaxu Kwisatz Haderach candidate known as Thallo attempts to kill through nerve gas the inhabitants of the entire city of Thalidei on Tleilax. His is killed by Marie Fenring.
  • At the Ceremony, Swordmaster Whitmore Bludd, in an attempt to gain historical fame, plans a well-rehearsed assassination attempt on the Emperor. In the ensuing hunter-seeker melee', many nobles are killed or trampled, including Rugi Corrino.
  • Marie Fenring is sent to Arrakis by Hasimir Fenring, and his wife, Margot Fenring, to be raised in the Imperial Court in Arrakeen.
  • The 2-year rebellion of Landsraad nobles, led by Memnon Thorvald is put to an end; as Paul sees their strike against Caladan in a prescient vision. Paul orders the somewhat guilty Guild Navigator Beric to strand the rebels in their starships in distant space with no supplies.
  • Paul orders House Atreides starships to destroy and sterilize all life on Ipyr, homeworld of Memnon Thorvald.
  • Second attempt on the Emperor's life. At a celebratory banquet in honor of the Fenring's, little Marie Fenring springs into action, and attempts to kill Paul with a needle-wire whip; she is killed by Alia Atreides. A few minutes later, Hasimir stabs Paul deep through chest and back with the Emperor's Blade; but Paul self heals himself. The Fenring's are allowed to live, and are permanently banished to Salusa Secundus.
  • Princess Irulan publishes The Life of Muad'Dib, Volume 2, which covers the story of the War of Assassins of 10,187.

10200 AG

  • Paul sterilizes the populations of eleven more planets.
  • Bronso of Ix begins writing against Emperor Paul-Muad'Dib, secretly in his employment to combat the myth forming around him.
  • Lady and Duchess Jessica Atreides and Chani visits Salusa Secundus to inspect the terraforming the planet.
  • Bene Gesserit Guilt-caster Stokia visits Margot Fenring who tries to put Margot into a comatose state but is killed by Hasimir.
  • The Qizarate attempts to rename Caladan which declares itself independent of Paul's Empire under Gaius Helen Mohiam. Earl Gurney negotiates with the secessionist leaders who are then poisoned by Jessica.
  • Jessica meets the leadership of the Bene Gesserit on Wallach IX, who try to persuade her to kill her son, the Emperor.
10202 AG

10204 AG

  • Bronso Vernius is thrown into a death cell and interrogated by ruthless Qizara inquisitors, but he escapes and continues his seditious crusade.

Last Conspiracy against Muad'Dib[]

10205 AG
10206 AG

10207 AG[10]

  • Otheym and Dhuri give Bijaz to Paul, then are killed by a stone burner which blinds Paul, although he still manages to see through prescience.
  • Chani gives birth to Leto Atreides II and Ghanima Atreides, then dies.
  • Scytale is killed by Paul.
  • Hayt remembers his existence as Duncan.
  • Duncan kills Bijaz on Paul's orders.
  • Paul goes into the deep desert. Alia Atreides assumes regency of the throne for the twins.
  • Stilgar executes Edric, Gaius Helen Mohiam, and Korba.
  • Lady Jessica Atreides and Gurney Halleck return to Arrakis, where Jessica reveals to Irulan and Gurney the truth about Bronso of Ix.
  • Bronso Vernius of Ix is captured and executed.

God Emperor's Reign[]

10217 AG[10]
  • Alia Atreides is possessed by the dead Baron Vladmir Harkonnen.
  • Jessica and Gurney Halleck return to Arrakis.
  • Leto and Ghanima realize that the terraforming of Arrakis will kill all the sandworms, thus destroying the source of the spice.
  • Paul Atreides, as The Preacher, begins railing against the religious government's injustices and the changes among the Fremen. He journeys to Salusa Secundus to meet Wensicia Corrino's son Farad'n, and in return pledges Duncan Idaho as an agent of House Corrino.
  • Alia attempts to assassinate Jessica, who escapes into the desert with Duncan's help, precipitating a rebellion among the Fremen.
  • Leto seeks out The Preacher. Everyone else thinks he is dead. He finds him and discovers he is Paul, killing his guide Assan Tariq.
  • Duncan and Jessica flee to Salusa Secundus, where Jessica begins to mentor Farad'n, who seizes power from his mother and allies with the Bene Gesserit. Jessica orders Gurney Halleck to infiltrate a group of Fremen outlaws who capture Leto. On Gurney's suggestion, they force him to undergo the spice trance. Leto escapes and sacrifices his humanity in pursuit of the Golden Path by physically fusing with a school of sandtrout. He travels across the desert and confronts his father.
  • Stilgar kills the ghola Duncan Idaho, after he kills Javid and provokes Stilgar.
  • Stilgar kills Buer Argaves.
  • Paul and Leto return to the capital to confront Alia. Upon arriving, Paul is murdered. Alia manages to commit suicide by throwing herself off a high balcony.
  • Leto ascends the imperial throne as Leto II, and sets humanity on the Golden Path, his vision of the future. He takes the Bene Gesserit breeding program into his own hands by interbreeding the genes of Farad’n Corrino and Ghanima Atreides. His control over the spice forces peace and calmness on humanity.
  • Leto orders a new Duncan Idaho ghola from the Tleilaxu to serve him as Swordmaster. He will continue to purchase new Duncans to serve him over the next 3,500 years.
  • Farad'n gives Leto the Sardaukar.

10225 AG
  • Hasmir Fenring dies.[133]

10256 AG
  • Jessica Atreides dies.[114]

10400 AG
  • As a result of terraformation, the sandtrout and sandworms become extinct on Arrakis.

c. 10500 AG
  • Spreading their machine-based civilization, the Ixians develop an economic technological federation with a center named Ixian Core.[134]
  • The God Emperor assembles his all-female army of Fish Speakers.

c. 11000 AG
  • Through gradual growth, Leto II’s empire becomes multigalactic.[135]
11228 AG
  • The sandblaster wind is last seen on Arrakis.[136]
11230 AG
11700 AG
  • The Bene Gesserit investigators begin observing the homogenization of family life.[138]
12335 AG
  • Leto executes the Nine Historians.[139]

12700 AG
  • Leto II takes his penultimate bride, the last for more than a thousand years.[140]

13000 AG
With Leto II’s silent approval, the Ixians no longer follow the orders of the Butlerian Jihad
  • they produce computers again, in secret.[141]

13650 AG

  • The Ixians reinvent the no-field, unaware of the similar invention of the richesian Chobyn.
  • Leto II’s no-chamber is built at Dar-es-Balat, on Arrakis.
  • Leto II extinguishes the Bene Gesserit Mentat school on Wallach IX.

c. 13670 AG

  • A new Duncan Idaho ghola begins his service to Leto.[142]

13672 AG

13725 AG[10]
  • Death of Radi, Aline, Ulot, Setuse, Inineg, Onemao, Hutye, Memar and Oala, conspirators against Leto II.
  • The latest Duncan Idaho ghola attempts on Leto’s life, assisted by the Ixian Ambassador Iyo Kobat, but is killed.
  • Iyo Kobat is sent back to Ix after the attempt replaced by Hwi Noree as Ambassador.
  • A new Duncan is given to Leto, who’s first assignment as Leto’s Swordsmaster, as a test, is to kill a rebellious man of House Corrino who attempts to bribe majordomo Moneo Atreides. Duncan assigns the task to a Fish Speaker.
  • Bene Gesserit Sister Quintinius Violet Chenoeh dies in the 53rd year of her sisterhood, the cause being ascribed to melange incompatibility during her attempt to achieve the status of Reverend Mother.
  • Reverend Mothrs Tertius Eileen Anteac and Marcus Claire Luyseyal visit Arrakis.
  • Siona Ibn Fuad al-Seyefa Atreides and the new Duncan Idaho ghola kill Leto II, and gain stewarship of Arrakis.
  • The sandtrout swarming free from Leto’s skin start storing water; they will eventually re-desertify Arrakis.
  • Part of Leto’s empire is inherited by his army, the Fish Speakers.

Famine Times & Scattering (13725-15200 AG)[]

13725-14025 AG
  • The sandworms, now with animal awareness and a new cunning, reappear on Arrakis.[144]
13750 AG
  • The Ixians invent the first generation of Navigation Machines, breaking the Spacing Guild’s monopoly over spaceflight.
13800 AG
  • The Bene Gesserit moves its center to Chapterhouse.

14000 AG
Waves of violence strike the Imperium during the Famine Times. Driven by social unrest, the Scattering begins
  • travelling with no-ships, a part of humanity spreads to enormous spaces in the universe.
  • Throughout the former empire of Leto II (the Old Empire), planetary governments exist in a loose economic federation held together partly by CHOAM, partly by the Bene Gesserit. Some areas are ruled by the Fish Speaker Council.
14500 AG
  • Waves of people move on again and again to still farther, unknown places from the Scattering using no-ships.
  • The Bene Tleilax finally invents the way of producing the spice melange artificially. As a result of the wealth of spice Navigation Machines are used less frequently.

14929 AG[10]

14935 AG

14942 AG

  • Miles Teg is sent to advanced schooling at the Bene Gesserit stronghold on Lampadas, where his mother's assessment of his him is confirmed.[145]

c. 15000 AG

15002 AG
  • Cerbol Revolt. Miles Teg's enemies bow to him.
c.15200 AG
  • The Lost Ones begin to return from the Scattering. Among them are those who call themselves the Honored Matres.
  • Sister Dortuja is sent to Buzzell for a love affair.

15210 AG
  • The group of Honored Matres escaping back to the Old Empire establish base on Gammu.

15212 AG
  • The Honored Matres take over control of an increasing number of planets. In the meantime the loose economic federation kept together by CHOAM slowly falls apart.

15213 AG[10]
  • Twelfth Duncan Idaho ghola created for the Bene Gesserit.
  • The Honoured Matres begin to return from the Scattering, wreaking havoc and destroying anyone in their way, fleeing the Outside Enemy. 15218 AG
  • Sheena Brugh is born.

15225 AG
  • Having waited for millennia, the Bene Tleilax sets out to conquer humanity and convert it to the Great Belief of the Tleilaxu.

15228 AG
  • Birth of Yorgi, son of Roitiro, on Chapterhouse.[146]

The War of the Bene Gesserit and Honored Matres (15229-15240 AG)[]

15229 AG[10]

  • The Bene Gesserit Keep on Gammu (formerly Giedi Prime) is attacked by the Honored Matres. Reverend Mother Lucilla, as well as Miles Teg and the Duncan Idaho ghola, manage to escape to an ancient Harkonnen no-globe.
  • The Duncan Idaho ghola regains its memories in the no-globe.
  • Patirin kills himself.
  • The Bene Gesserit forces the Honored Matres to destroy all Rakian life.
  • The Battle of Rakis and the planet's destruction. The sandworms of Rakis become extinct and thus humanity is set free of Leto II’s scattered conscience, which kept its future bound.
  • Miles Teg dies.
  • Murbella of the Honored Matres joins the Bene Gesserit. The Sisterhood lead by Mother Superior Darwi Odrade rescue a sandworm from Rakis and takes it to Chapterhouse Planet.
  • The Honored Matres destroy all the planets of the Bene Tleilax.
  • The Bene Gesserit saves and hides the last remaining Tleilaxu Master, Scytale.

15230 AG

  • Birth of Murbella’s and Duncan Idaho’s twin daughters, Rinya and Janess.
  • Birth of Miles Teg’s ghola.
  • The sandtrout originating from the rescued sandworm begin desertification of Chapterhouse Planet.
  • The Bene Gesserit launches a new Scattering, sending out Sisters and sandtrout to the universe.
  • The Honored Matres conquer Junction and begin destroying the planets of the Bene Gesserit.
  • Ecaz is conquered by the Honored Matres.

15240 AG[10]

Kralizec (15240-15264 AG)[]

15241 AG

  • The fleeing no-ship is named Ithaca.

15243 AG

  • Rinya dies in Spice Agony.

15244 AG

  • Vladimir Harkonnen’s ghola is born on Tleilax.

15246 AG

  • Paul Atreides’ ghola is born on board the Ithaca.

15247 AG

  • The ghola of Lady Jessica and Thufir Hawat is born on board the Ithaca.

15248 AG

  • Chani’s ghola is born on board the Ithaca.

15249 AG

  • The ghola of Wellington Yueh and Scytale is born on board the Ithaca.

15250 AG

  • Liet-Kynes’ ghola is born on board the Ithaca.

15251 AG

  • Stilgar’s ghola is born on board the Ithaca. The New Sisterhood conquers Buzzell, eliminating a group of rebellious Honored Matres.

15252 AG

  • The ghola of Leto II is born on board the Ithaca.

15253 AG

  • Birth of Paul Atreides’ ghola (Paolo) on Tleilax.

15254 AG

  • Omnius’ Face Dancers enable the Ixians to improve the primitive Navigation Machines. The Ixians think the invention is their own making. The New Sisterhood conquers Gammu, eliminating another group of rebellious Honored Matres.

15256 AG

15259 AG

  • The Honored Matres of Tleilax destroy Richese. Murbella discovers the origins of the Honored Matres. The New Sisterhood conquers Tleilax, eliminating the last group of rebellious Honored Matres in the Old Empire. Omnius unsuccessfully tries to entrap the Ithaca to get the Kwisatz Haderach aboard it.

15261 AG

  • The ghola of Alia Atreides is born on board the Ithaca.

15262 AG

  • Scytale dies. At his deathbed, his ghola regains his memories.

15264 AG

  • The no-ship, the Ithaca, was captured by the Thinking Machine ruler, Omnius, and forced down to the surface of the planet.
  • The ghola of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen killed the ghola of Alia Atreides, as she exited the Ithaca.
  • A duel to the death took place between the gholas of Paul Atreides, one raised on the Ithaca by the ghola of Duncan Idaho and Sheeana Brugh; and one raised by Harkonnen on Dan. The duel was to see who was the Ultimate Kwisatz Haderach, whom Erasmus, Ominus' assistant, believed was on the Ithaca. The duel occurred in the Cathedral.
  • Paolo won the duel, overdosed on the super-potent melange ultraspice, and went into a prescient coma.
  • The Oracle of Time appeared in the Cathedral, with a Guild heighliner Navigator of over a thousand ships. She then tranported Omnius to another dimensional universe, with herself leaving for there as a guardian.
  • Erasmus activated the Kill switch on all Enhanced Face Dancers in the Universe, killing all of them instantly, including Khrone their leader.
  • Duncan Idaho was revealed to be the Ultimate and final Kwisatz Haderach, who would bring a union and peace between man and machine. Due to his serial ghola lives, the Universe had chosen him to be its' leader, due to his compassion for humanity, and care for Thinking Machines. Erasmus then gave Idaho all of the Machine guidance access codes, which enabled Idaho to be the new Evermind. Erasmus then willingly died.
  • Idaho had his former lover and mother of his children, Murbella brought to Synchrony, to witness the new peace between humans and robots. Synchrony became the headquarters of the new Bene Gesserit sisterhood, and of the new Bene Tleilaxu race.
  • The Thinking Machine Armada reached Chapterhouse and Junction for battle, after having ravaged both planets with the Omnius Scourge months earlier.
  • Murbella, Mother Commander of the New Sisterhood, and her daughter Bashar Janess Idaho, tried to enagage the Machines in starship battle but realized that human-kind's ships had been sabotaged by Face Dancers.
  • The Oracle of Time stepped in with her Heighliner Fleet, and destroyed the first wave of attacking Machine ships. The Navigators returned hours later, and escorted Murbella to Synchrony to meet with the now-super-being Duncan Idaho.
  • Duncan Idaho created a New Order of both man and machine.
  • The dying Tleilaxu Master Tylwyth Waff saw the decades dormant sandworms break through the sands of the surface of the planet, showing they were alive.
  • Mother Superior Sheeana Brugh established the second Orthodox Sisterhood on Synchrony, and created a ghola of Serena Butler.
  • Paul and Chani Kynes retired to Rakis.
  • Scytale reformed the Bene Tleilax.

15275 AG[147]

  • On Synchrony, Mother Superior Sheeana begins training the ghola of Serena Butler in the orthodox Bene Gesserit ways.

20217 AG

  • Peroration of Gaus Andaud on the 10,000th anniversary of Leto II's ascenscion to the throne.[148]

Behind the scenes[]

Discrepancies exist in the original Dune novel by Frank Herbert as to the birth dates of Paul Atreides, Shaddam Corrino IV, and Hasimir Fenring. The first quote in the novel indicates that Paul was born in 10,191, though he is stated as being 15 when House Atreides moves to Arrakis (shortly before Alia's birth). The prequel novels g Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson correct this by moving Shaddam's birth year back 15 years (and thus the birth year of Hasimir Fenring).

The appendices in the Dune novel state that Paul became Emperor officially, 3 years after the defeat of House Corrino in the Battle of Arrakeen. In the Heroes of Dune novel, Paul of Dune, Paul becomes Emperor immediately after Arrakeen, and in 10,196; 3 years later, he is simply addressing the Landsraad for the first time. Thus, the dates of events in original and expanded dune differ by a few years from Dune Messiah.


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