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Ticia Cenva [b. 173 BG] was the daughter of Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo and Supreme Sorceress Zufa Cenva. She was meant to become the most powerful Sorceress of Rossak who would one day take over the school there.

Conception and early life

Zufa had noticed that Iblis seemed to possess the raw ability needed to be a sorceress of Rossak, an ability rare on males, which however contributed to his charismatic and manipulative abilities. Using this knowledge, she calculated that a pairing of herself and him would be most likely to produce the offspring she sought.

Ticia was concieved during an intimate encounter between Iblis and Zufa while the former was still smarting from the rejection of High Priestess of the Butlerian Jihad Serena Butler. The baby was born with the help of breeding mistress Ticia Oss, after which she was named. Despite Zufa's advanced age, Ticia was the first healthy baby she brought to life.

Later life

Ticia grew up on Rossak and became cold and remote as the leader of Sorceresses of Rossak after her mother. She was stern and dedicated to the Butlerian Jihad.

During the Omnius Scourge crisis, she talked in the Hall of Parliament and demanded that the best DNA samples should be preserved, and the archives of the Sorceresses had such capacities. During the same assembly, Vorian Atreides and Norma Cenva mentioned that VenKee Enterprises would assist the League of Nobles with providing spice, as a countermeasure to the Omnius Scourge.

During that time, Ticia proposed to Grand Patriarch Xander Boro-Ginjo to annex Arrakis to increase spice income.


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