The third islamic movement was a historical pre-butlerian religious movement connected with the figure of the prophet Maometh, the so-called "third Muhammed".The third islamic movement saw a shift to syncretic mysticism which lay the foundation for Buddislam and it's various divisions including the Zensunni.

Dune Encyclopedia

According to The Dune Encyclopedia a historian named Lors Karden from Salusa Secundus had written a book on the topic: "A History of the Third Islamic Movement".


  • Not much is known about the teachings of the third islamic movement, but it seems to have shifted even further away from orthodox terran Islam than the second movement, openly encouraging various types of syncretism.
  • It is possible that Maometh was seen as ,or claimed to be, a Buddha or planetary messiah.It is also possible that the second and third Muhammed were regarded as reincarnations of the first Muhammed, enabling them to replace his revelation with newer revelations.
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