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The Theater of Shards was constructed during the latter time of the Corrino Empire, and was located in the city on the planet of Chusuk. The theater had an infamous beginning as its builder, a nobleman from Chusuk, was assassinated on its' opening night.

The Jongleur Performance[edit | edit source]

Later, in 10188 AG, a Jongleur Group gave an outstanding performance at the announcement of the upcoming nuptials of the Governor of Chusuk, Alra Kio to her fiance', Preto Heiron. At the ceremony, the Jongleurs, who had been paid to murder the woman, aligned the theater's famous glass mirrors and amplifiers to create an intense light beam that almost assassinated her.

Paul Atreides, who had previously joined the Jongleur group, noticed that the refractory beams, would in fact, impact at the seat of the Governor's chair. He left the protection of his mother, Lady Jessica Atreides, and his father Leto Atreides I, and pushed her out of the way, saving her life. The beam left a giant deadly burst on the back of her chair.

A few seconds later, a sound blast wave, impacted the area, as well; but Rhombur Vernius, who was their with his son, Bronso Vernius, pushed the entire entourage' out of harm's way, giving up his own life. As Bronso rushed over to his father, Rhombur was concerned about young Paul, and said, "Is Paul safe?". These lasts words embittered Bronso and he cast House Atreides out of the lives of House Vernius for the next 12 years.

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