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The Winds of Dune was a novel by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson, which was released by Tor Books, on August 4, 2009.


The Winds of Dune is the second book of the planned Heroes of Dune four-book series. The book picks up after the death of Chani, and Muad'Dib's walk-into-the-desert because of his blindness, which occurred in Dune Messiah (novel), by Frank Herbert. The book was originally entitled Jessica of Dune, but was re-branded in early 2009.

As Jessica Atreides is the prime focus of the book, the novel opens with her on Caladan just before she received the news of her son's supposed demise, the Emperor Paul Atreides.

The novel also has Jessica telling Princess Irulan, in a type of narrative flashback of Paul's adventures with Bronso Vernius, when Paul was a youth when he was thirteen.

Later in the novel, Jessica has yet another narrative exposition with Irulan in which she tells her initial reactions to the news that Paul was sterilizing the populations of some planets in 10,200 AG.

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