Muad'dib's 'thopter as illustrated by Jim Burns in The Road to Dune.

The Road to Dune is a short story in Frank Herbert's Eye - a collection of short stories published in 1985 and illustrated by Welsh artist Jim Burns.

It takes the form of a guidebook for pilgrims journeying to Arrakis, following the fall of Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV and the ascension of Paul Atreides to the throne in the original novel Dune. The Road to Dune discusses the major sights in the capital city, Arrakeen, including the Grand Palace and Temple of Alia. It also features images (with descriptions) of some of the devices and characters presented in the novels, including Paul's personal ornithopter, an Ixian glowglobe, Princess Irulan, Duncan Idaho and Reverend Mother Mohiam.

This article is based largely on the Wikipedia article on "The Road to Dune" in Eye (1985).

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