Expanded Dune
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The Life of Muad'Dib, Volume 3 was the next voluminous publication released by the Qizarate, penned by Princess Irulan Corrino, as a biography of Emperor Paul Atreides. Volume 3 is unlike the first two books, in that it was written after the believed death of the Emperor when he walked out into the desert.

Volume 3 was ordered by the Regent Alia Atreides to be published after the spread of manifestos and pamphlets authored by Bronso Vernius of Ix. In Bronso's diatribes, Paul's childhood friend described Paul as an ordinary human being, not as the Fremen messiah. Volume 3 attempted to spread the message that Paul had become one with the giant sandworms when walked into the sands of Dune, and that he was in heaven watching over the Imperium.

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