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Dr Yueh - Illustration by John Schoenherr

The Great Masquerade: Yueh and the Atreides was a book by Professor Eisor Zhurcia the medical historian of the time and Suk apologist, published in 10200 AG and rpt. Lib. Conf. Temporary Series 582.

Professor Zhurcia, allowed that the controversial doctor Wellington Yueh never graduated from either the Suk High College Imperial Conditioning or medical arts programs. He maintained that Yueh's transcripts and other academic records were forged and that his graduation documents were fabrications. Zhurcia contended that Harkonnen agents planted these deceptive documents in the medical school's registrar's office and library archives in order to deceive Leto I Atreides and his Mentat, Thufir Hawat, who was sure to check on Yueh's authenticity when the Atreides were first considering purchasing a Suk doctor. According to this theory, Yueh was a trained saboteur and assassin, to infiltrate into the Atreides household.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

Few later scholars gave serious credence to Zhurcia's theory, although it was widely accepted by several of the Minor Houses during the early years of Paul Muad'Dib's reign. Later evidence suggested that Yueh exhibited a considerable amount of medical expertise and human sensitivity. These characteristics, most would agree, are generally not found in saboteurs and assassins. Current opinion holds that Yueh indeed did graduate with High College Imperial Conditioning in approximately 10112 AG. Yueh thus came to be regarded as the paradigmatic case of the fatal failure of Suk Conditioning

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