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Tambir Boro-Ginjo (192 BG - 110 BG) was the son of Iblis Ginjo and Camie Boro.

Camie Boro denied Yorek Thurr the succession of Ginjo, placing her own son in the position of the Grand Patriarch in 154 BG.

During his days, officers of the Army of the Jihad discovered Norma Cenva's navigation computers, that caused an uproar that nearly shut down the Kolhar shipyards. Norma had been baffled, citing the evidence of success and pointing to the greater good the superfast ships would do for the Jihad. But Tambir had been apoplectic about the "deceit" Norma had attempted to perpetrate.

He apparently died without heirs and the title was succeeded by his nephew, Xander Boro-Ginjo.


Preceded by
Camie Boro
Grand Patriarch of the Holy Jihad
154 BG - 110 BG
Succeeded by
Xander Boro-Ginjo