Formed during the events of the Butlerian Jihad, the Suk Inner School is devoted to finding cures for the ailments which plague humanity and advancing man's medicinal knowledge. Widely considered superior to any other medical group, the Suk doctors are some of the best in fields ranging as far as Cybernetics.

There are many reasons why Landsarrad nobles put so much blind faith in these Suk doctors. The first and foremost is that in their entire existance, none of their doctors has ever betrayed a patient. The doctors cannot be sold, bought, or rented out althought the inner school may assign them to certain houses. The second reason is that their knowledge of medical ailments is second to none. They even posses knowledge about secret Bene Gesserit biological diseases.

Suk doctors are very easy to identify. They almost always have a very long ponytail bound by a silver Suk ring signifying that they have completed [Suk conditioning]]. The most obvious mark of a Suk doctor is the black diamond on his forehead.

List of Suk doctors

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