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Stunner -Dune board game illustration

A stunner (sometimes named a slammer, in order to avoid confusion with sonic firearms) was a refined version of the Terran pneumatic speargun. This slow-pellet projectile weapon was widely favored for the fact that it could be used safely against shields.

The weapon threw a poison-tipped or drug-tipped dart. A stunner's effectiveness was limited by variations in shield settings, and by relative motion between the projectile and its target.

When House Harkonnen attacked House Atreides on Arrakis, the Sardaukar forces used kindjals and stunners so that they could kill without the risk of attracting a sandworm.

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Less-common variations on this weapon included: gauss pistols and rifles, which had range-settings similar to a stunner's, but which propelled their rounds magnetically rather than with compressed gas; cone pistols and rifles (collectively known as gyrosluggers), which fired miniature self-propelled "jet grenades" that gradually accelerated after being launched...thus largely eliminating the need for range-settings.  


Range: 1 - 120 meters (will penetrate an active shield only at 80 meters and closer) Settings: 1 - 6 (will penetrate an active shield only at settings 1 - 5) Size: 15 - 20 centimeters (barrel) Mass: 1 - 2 kilograms Ammunition: 15 rounds per clip


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