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The Machine Crusade - Cover-Art

Starda was Poritrin's capital city, built around the southern end of the Isana River delta. South of the main city of Starda, the delta widened, leaving numerous flat islands separated by deeply cut shipping channels, with factories and shipyards.

Starda was famous as the cradle of scientific celebrity Savant Tio Holtzman, the inventor of the Scrambler shields. During that time, the planet experienced a slave revolt instigated by Zenshiite Solver Bel Moulay, a revolt which started in Starda, and was violently suppressed by Niko Bludd's Dragoons. Moulay was ceremonially tortured and executed in public, in place of the uprisers.

The second uprising in 174 BG culminated in a massive explosion that devastated Starda, and greatly reduced the planet's influence in galactic politics.

Porce Bludd was a philanthropist and participated in building New Starda.