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Spice Blow as depicted in the Dune CCG

Spice blows were an event on Arrakis that resulted in the Spice Melange being pushed up to the surface of the desert. They were caused by immense pressure building up within the pre-spice mass, deep below the planet's surface. A spice blow was known to have caused the death of Liet Kynes.

Unlike regular spice masses exposed by the elements that are harvested, it is located deep in the sand. It is characterized by the presence of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Due to this dangerous factor, worms will not approach it even after two hours of spice harvesting. The increase of gas leakage creates a resonance that is a factor in creating a spice blow. The blow itself is reminiscing of the Salusan mudpot.  

Initially it can be mistaken for an ancient aquifer buried under a rock cap.

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