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Spice Planet is a novella by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. It is based on an outline left by Frank Herbert, and is effectively a different treatment of Dune, with familiar character and place names, but little other relation to the Dune novel. It is contained in The Road to Dune.


House Linkam[]

Equivalent to House Atreides of the published Dune series.

  • Jesse Linkam (rough equivalent to duke Leto Atreides I of the final version)
  • Dorothy Mapes - partner of Jesse Linkam (rough equivalent to lady Jessica of the final version, the surname was reused in the final version for the unrelated character of shadout Mapes)
  • Barri Linkam - son of Jesse (rough equivalent to Paul Atreides)
  • Hugo Linkam - Jesse's deceased brother, died in a bullring (a parallel to the Old Duke of the final version)
  • Catalan - the homeworld of House Linkam (equivalent to Caladan of the final version)

House Hoskanner[]

Equivalent to House Harkonnen of the published Dune series.


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