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06:34, October 6, 2007Guild-Heighliner.jpg (file)8 KBCareax (Shot of a Guild Heighliner from the SciFi Channel 2000 Dune miniseries. For reference use only. Image source: Wikipedia.)
04:56, August 2, 2007Bijaz-Children-of-Dune-Miniseries.jpg (file)4 KBCareax (Gee Williams as Bijaz in the 2003 Children of Dune miniseries. Source []. )
06:57, June 13, 2007Gold-Star-Medium.jpg (file)2 KBCareax (Larger version of gold star icon. Original creation specifically for the Dune Wiki. )
08:21, May 20, 2007Chani-and-Irulan.jpg (file)20 KBCareax (Chani Kynes threatens Irulan Corrino. Copyright 2003 - The Sci Fi Channel and Touchstone Television. Fair use image. Source: [ IMDB])
00:55, April 8, 2007Sandworm-Icon.jpg (file)1 KBCareax (For use on Dune Wiki userbox(es). Source: cover of the 1987 Ace edition of ''Heretics of Dune''. )
00:47, April 8, 2007Mentat-Icon.jpg (file)1 KBCareax (For use on Dune Wiki userbox(es). Source of image: [ here] )
06:30, April 7, 2007Ghola-Face-Icon.jpg (file)2 KBCareax (For use in userboxes. Based on [ this] image, taken from the 2003 Dune Miniseries. )
06:25, April 7, 2007Admin-Icon.jpg (file)1 KBCareax (For limited userbox use. Taken from [ here]. )
01:03, April 7, 2007Bene-Gesserit-Icon.jpg (file)1 KBCareax (Image for use on userbox(es). Source image came from [ here] )
00:55, April 7, 2007BH-KJA-Block.jpg (file)2 KBCareax (New image for userbox(es). )
00:47, April 7, 2007BH-KJA-Thumb-Up.jpg (file)2 KBCareax (Image for use on user box(es). Based on image from [] )
00:43, April 7, 2007BH-KJA-Thumb-Down.jpg (file)2 KBCareax (Image for use on user box(es). Based on image from [ here]. )
20:40, November 19, 2006Atreides crest.jpg (file)11 KBCareax (Crest of House Atreides)
08:20, November 18, 2006IrulanCorrino1.jpg (file)12 KBCareax (Julie Cox as Irulan Corrino, from the SciFi Channel Dune miniseries.)
06:43, July 26, 2006Piter-de-Vries.jpg (file)4 KBCareax (Resized image uploaded by Mcada.)
07:37, July 23, 2006Glossu-rabban-kish.jpg (file)10 KBCareax 
05:14, July 21, 2006Feyd-rautha-harkonnen.jpg (file)18 KBCareax 
04:30, July 21, 2006Stilgar.jpg (file)9 KBCareax 
05:40, July 19, 2006No-ship.jpg (file)8 KBCareax 
05:28, July 17, 2006Leto-Atreides-1-Prochnow.jpg (file)8 KBCareax 
03:56, July 17, 2006Leto-Atreides-1-Hurt.jpg (file)10 KBCareax 
18:25, July 16, 2006Hasimir-Fenring.jpg (file)8 KBCareax 
17:46, July 16, 2006Jones as hawat.jpeg (file)8 KBCareax (Reduced size of image.)
17:38, July 16, 2006Bela-Tegeuse-planet.jpg (file)3 KBCareax (Artistic interpretation of Bela Tegeuse)
06:25, June 20, 2006Paul atreides.jpg (file)9 KBCareax (Paul Atreides, played by Kyle MacLachlan in David Lynch's 1985 film adaptation of Dune.)
04:38, June 13, 2006Fremen.jpg (file)7 KBCareax (Fremen in stilsuits, from David Lynch's 1984 Dune movie. )
15:18, April 28, 2006Leto atreides ii.jpg (file)12 KBCareax 
08:13, April 9, 2006Vladimir harkonnen 1.jpg (file)8 KBCareax (Vladimir Harkonnen, from the Sci-Fi Channel's Dune miniseries (2000), portrayed by Ian McNeice. )
02:34, September 12, 2005Earth planet.jpg (file)11 KBCareax (Planet Earth)
03:57, August 29, 2005Sandworm heretics.jpg (file)5 KBCareax (Sandworm image from the cover of 'Heretics of Dune'. )

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