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The Southern Continent of the near-water world Caladan was located just 200 miles south of the near empty Eastern Continent, and was the second most populated land mass on the planet.

Lacking the capital of the world, Cala City, which was on the Western Continent, the southern land mass was one which had been settled extensively during the long reign of the Corrino Empire by human colonists. In recent years, just before the ascent of Duke Paulus Atreides, House Atreides had built another spaceport on the world, and called it Atreides Landing.

The Southern continent was one in which fine Caladanian wines had been grown in extsnive vineyards covering the lush fields of that area. In the hotter zones of the region, cidrit farms existed to provide the Imperium with the fantastic acidic, citrus fruit. Just as in most places in the offshore regions of the planet, paradan melons were grown and shipped off-world.

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