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Soostones were the most valuable iridescent precious gemstome from the planet Buzzell. They were produced by the abraded carapaces of monoped sea creatures named Cholisters, much in the manner that clams produced creamy-white pearls on Old Earth.

Butlerian Jihad[edit | edit source]

Aurelius Venport had a soostone from a smuggler from Buzzell. The dealer had claimed that pure soostones had hypnotic focusing abilities. He offered it to Zufa Cenva as a telepathetic enhancement. Zufa denied the present, and years later, he offered it to her daughter, as a proposal gift. [1]

Norma, when apprehended by the Titan Xerxes's ship and tortured, held onto that very soostone. The stone then enhanced her dormant abilities, helping her achieve unprecedented powers.

During Elrood Corrino IX's rule, a soostone skimming operation took place, and a CHOAM scandal: a family of royal impersonators caused lost profits for Buzzell and the adjoining systems. Eventually they disappeared to a rogue planet somewhere beyond Imperial control[2]

During Kralizec[edit | edit source]

The Bene Gesserit relied heavily on the sale of soostones to finance production of their war machines, as melange was becoming less valuable.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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