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Slavery was an ancient practice of human labor that re-emerged and remained in the following millennia, although controversially.

Slavery by machinesEdit

Slavery existed even after the Time of Titans. Most slaves were mainly captured humans that served the Thinking Machines of the Synchronized Worlds. Humans were called derogatorily hrethgir by the machines; they were kept in conditions more becoming of animals, and executed for no reason. Slaves were overseen by trustee crew bosses, privileged humans.

Among the League WorldsEdit

However not only the Machines enslaved humans, but slavery existed among human worlds as well. Poritrin was the first member of the League of Nobles who, after Sajak Bludd's rule, became a staunch supporter of slavery. Indeed, Poritrin's powerful agricultural and light industrial sectors were highly dependent on its large number of Zensunni and Zenshiite slaves. Bludd's mentality was that during the Time of Titans, several cowards and pacifists (mainly Buddislamics) denied helping humanity defend itself; therefore slavery could make them repay their debt to it.

Zanbar was also a world that endorsed slavery and a prominent slave market.

During that time, Tlulaxa and Zanbar slavers made raids on Unallied Planets, captured natives, and sold them to those League planets, although it remained a controversial subject among politic circles, heavily criticized by activists like Serena Butler.

Imperium timeEdit

Millennia later, slavery was still used on many planets of the Imperium prior to and during the time of the Faufreluches. Slaves were called Maulas.

Slaves were used throughout the Known Universe. The Na-Baron, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, used slaves to practice his fighting and killing on. He would practice with them in his gladiator ring, in which they were referred to as slave gladiators. For the purpose of fighting them, he would poison them with the Elacca drug.

Slave girls were also used by House Harkonnen, as well as other Houses of the Imperium.

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