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Skira was a Honored Matres leader who was the overload of soostone production on the cholister-rich world of Buzzell.

Honored Matres Leader[]

During the time of the Return of the Honored Matres, Skira and her contingent of Matres sub-ordinates were in charge of acquiring the gems from the clans of half-fish/half-men phibians who would bring the soostones to the surface of the water-world. While there, she also kept alive the handful of Bene Gesserit sisters who been incarcerated earlier to the planet by the Sisterhood. This included Corysta, a sister who had been imprisoned to Buzzell, for trying to keep her child bred for Bene Gesserit purposes.

Sea Child[]

After a few years on the tiny island that served as the headquarters for operations, and the only island that contained a spaceport, Skira found Corysta in her hut with a tiny phibian toddler that Corysta had named Sea Child. Skira realized that Corysta had bonded with her young ward, and threatened to cast him off into the sea if Corysta did not tell her the location of the Gesserit homeworld of Chapterhouse, to which Corysta declined. Just as Skira was going to bring harm to Sea Child, a clan of phibians emerged from the ocean. Skira saw that even though Sea Child bore the mark of abandonment and exile from the Phibian culture, that the clan of half-fish allowed Sea Child back into their society, to which Skira assented.

Skira and Murbella[]

Years later, as the New Sisterhood decided to eliminate all rebel strongholds of Honored Matres that existed in the galaxies, the combined Gesserit/Matres group attacked Buzzell. First, Mother Commander Murbella had the Sisterhood's ship eliminate all of the Matres vessels that surrounded the planet; then Murbella sent Valkyries down to the surface to secure the island-base.

As Murbella questioned all of the Honored Matres gathered as prisoners before her, she questioned them resolutely about the soostones operation. As some of the Matres talked of revolt or insubordination, Murbella killed them personally. Eventually Corysta came forward, Murbella shared with her, and Murbella made Corysta leader of the operations of Buzzell. Skira, who had clandestinely blended in with the other Honored Matres, spoke against Corysta being the planet's leader, as Skira considered her weak, because of her concern for her born child, and years later, her concern for Sea Child. As the planet was no firmly in the hands of the New Sisterhood, Murbella allowed Skira to live, and to work under the tutelage of Corysta, the new leader.