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Siridar-Governor as depicted in the Dune CCG

Siridar is a Galach term for "planetary".

The term was used to describe planetary fiefs during the time of the Faufreluches. It was also a prefix for Barons who were planetary governors (i.e., "Siridar Baron").


It is possible that the Galach siridar, Fremen al-asiridar derive from the original Arabic as-sadar i.e. "voice" [of the Emperor], this usage presumably referring to the fact that the designated official speaks in the Emperor's name to stipulate what will happen. It could also come from Persian Sirdar/Sardar, signifying a military or political leader, and literally meaning "head holder".

Perhaps, derive from English sidereal (astral, stellar: of the star), which come form Latin "sidus" (star), referring who rule a star system.

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