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Tabr in the Dune miniseries

Sietch Tabr was a major Fremen sietch on the planet Arrakis. Its most famous native-Fremen leader was Naib Stilgar.

Sietch Tabr was the Fremen community first encountered by Paul and Jessica Atreides after their escape from Harkonnen assassination attempts following the fall of House Atreides on Arrakis. As a result, it became their adopted home, and the foundation of the Arrakis Revolt; the resistance movement that eventually took control of Arrakis, and launched Paul's galactic Jihad.

Although Sietch Tabr lost some of its new-found authority after Paul became Emperor and moved his base of operations to Arrakeen, it remained a powerful locale in Fremen culture and politics.

Eventually, and as with all Fremen sietches, Sietch Tabr was abandoned after the terraforming of Arrakis, and its exact location remained a mystery for thousands of years.

Places of Note[]

  • Briefing room
  • Chani's lab
  • Deathstill
  • Hall of rites
  • Rock ledge
  • Sietch School
  • Stilgar's quarters
  • Water basin
  • Windtrap
  • Yali of Paul Muad'dib