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There are separate pages for this subject as it appears in the other canons such as Shield Wall in Expanded Dune and Shield Wall in the Dune Encyclopedia

The Shield Wall as depicted in the Dune CCG

The Shield Wall was a mountainous, rocky geographic feature in the northern reaches of Arrakis. It protected a small area from the full force of the planet's coriolis storms. Its height was said to be great.

Although the Shield Wall was not man-made, it kept out the force of coriolis storms and kept the sandworms away from human settlements.

When Paul Atreides stopped all spice production on Arrakis, Emperor Shaddam IV traveled to Arrakis to restore spice production and stop Paul. He arrived in a Starship Lighter with a Hutment full of Sardaukar and landed within the Shield Wall.

When Paul's Fremen forces attacked the Sardaukar, Paul used the Family Atomics to blow an opening in the Shield Wall, breaching it. Through the breach, Fremen wormriders poured in to the theatre, attacking and defeating the Sardaukar on the Plains of Arrakeen.

In the thousands of years that passed after the Battle of Arrakeen, the Shield Wall slowly crumbled. With the massive terraforming that took place on Arrakis during that time, the Shield Wall eventually was reduced to little more than a small plateau. It was within this plateau that the Reverend Mother Darwi Odrade discovered Leto II's spice hoard.


The Shield Wall protected many important locations for the Fremen and graben peoples of Arrakis. They included:

Other Locations