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Sheuset Costin Ecevit was a Sardaukar Burseg (Count) from Salusa Secundus. He is mentioned to be son of Costin and grandson of Palaigo, with whom the Harkonnens claim some relation.

History[edit | edit source]

He fought in the campaigns of his people to expand. After the conquest of Megara The Landsraad saw them as dangerous.

He assembled a fleet of 24 ships for the occupation of Glarus, however Bashar Abulurd Harkonnen betrayed him and the Landsraad learned of Ecevit's plan and put 71 capital ships waiting in ambush between Glarus and Salusa Secundus. Ecevit's intelligence anticipated them and he had transferred his Sardaukar to combat ships and plunged directly into their hiding place. Their conflict brought the Battle of Corrin.

Sulaiman al-Hajj Kunaitra threatened to turn Sheuset's left flank. Demetrios Atreides rallied Costin's forces and led an attack that took Kunaitra by surprise. His ship was damaged and himself killed. Historians claim that this action was the key turning point of the struggle during which, he lost his younger daughter.

It was a tactical victory but a strategic stalemate for the Sardaukar. The Landsraad urged them to negotiate or fight. Sheuset thought that the Sardaukar might win an extended war but their empire would be a graveyard.

Ascension to power[edit | edit source]

He decided to compromise, and with the Treaty of Corrin became the first Padishah emperor, Sheuset Costin I. His family became the Imperial House Corrino, named after the planet Corrin.

Most of the Great Houses pre-dated the rise of the House of Corrino, and regarded the success of the barbarians from Salusa Secundus as a freak of history which could and should be rectified. Some recalcitrant Landsraad Houses such as House Jansine refused to sign the treaty; some independent planetary rulers denied they were bound by it.

Two years later he named Demetrios Atreides from the Mockmuhl Cluster as Baron Tantalos thanks to his military actions, and gave him large estates on Enskog. In 82 BG Nikolai Harkonnen became Duke of Eluzai.

During the first years of his reign, expansionist campaigns consolidated Sheuset's power and channeled the battle-lust of his soldiers. Any kind of holdout who could not be persuaded to accept the new order, he invariably had to encounter the Sardaukar from Salusa Secundus who came to power with Sheuset.

Sheuset was the father of Henoor I who succeeded him after his death.

Preceded by
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
88 BG - 70 BG
Succeeded by
Henoor I
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