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Shando Vernius Fanart

Lady Shando Balut-Vernius (d. 10154 AG), member of House Vernius, wife of Earl Dominic Vernius, and former concubine of the 80th Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX. She was the mother of Tyros Reffa, Rhombur and Kailea Vernius.

Small-boned and petite, Shando had a fragile porcelain-doll appearance, finely chiseled features, delicately pointed nose, and creamy skin with a regal beauty. She looked slight and delicate at first glance, but carried a toughness and resilience about her.

Former Imperial Concubine[]


Shando and Dominic Vernius, by Dev Pramanik and Alex Guimarães, House Atreides Graphic novel

Shando was a former concubine of the 80th Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX in the Imperial harem on the planet Kaitain. Around 10130 AG, when Earl Dominic Vernius and Duke Paulus Atreides fought together in the Ecazi Revolt as allies of Elrood, she bore him an illegitimate son, named Tyros Reffa, who was secretly raised in adoption on Zanovar by House Taligari.

Dangerously, Dominic and Shando had fallen in love, but had kept their relationship secret for many months. It was clear that Elrood had lost interest in her after five years, and when she asked to be freed from service and to leave the Imperial Court, Elrood, though perplexed, had complied. He thought fondly of her and saw no reason to deny her a simple request. They had enjoyed doing multilingual word puzzles together. Although being a commoner, Shando simply wasn't suitable to marry with him.

The other concubines had thought Shando was foolish to give up such riches and pampering, but she'd had enough of the lavish life, and instead wanted a real marriage with children.

As soon as she was freed from Imperial service, Dominic Vernius married her in 10138 AG, and they had completed their vows with minimal pomp and ceremony, but airtight legality.

Upon hearing that someone else wanted her, Elrood's male pride suddenly made him change his mind—but it was too late. The Landsraad, despite Elrood's petition to them, had refused to do anything about it since Dominic had married the girl and the Emperor never had any intention of doing so, being a commoner.

He had resented this since then, paranoid about what bedroom secrets Shando might be sharing with Dominic.

Fall and Death[]

In 10153 AG the still vengeful Emperor sponsored a Suboid Revolt against the leaders of Ix and a Tleilaxu invasion. House Vernius was forced to go renegade while Sardaukar forces landed on Ix and proceeded to Vernii City to "keep the peace".

Right after her husband managed to escape to Arrakis, and her two children took refuge on Caladan, Lady Shando was hunted down by the Sardaukar and brutally executed on Bela Tegeuse.